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Batman: Gotham Knights #2
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April 2000 [$2.50]

Cover Credit: Brian Bolland (pencils, inks; signed)

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Story: "Down With The Ship" (22 Pages)


Devin Grayson (plot, script)
Dale Eaglesham (pencils)
John Floyd (inks)
Bill Oakley (letters)
Pamela Rambo (colors)
Wildstorm FX (color seperations)
Dennis O'Neil (edits)

Feature Characters:

Batgirl III


Raton (first appearance)

Other Characters:

Cecilia (first appearance of all; Original Gothamites captured by Raton)
Adams (first appearance of all; Raton's crew)


Batman and Batgirl discover that a man called Raton, having lost a lot of money in a card game, has kidnapped a number of 'Original Gothamites' (those who stayed during No Man's Land and who are very hard to trace) to sell as slave labour in Rhapastan. On the ship, these people claim to have rigged up an explosive. Much to Raton's surprise, this turns out to be true, the explosive being set off by the ship's microwave. Raton's men lock the OGs in the hold and abandon ship along with the crew, to the protest of the Captain, who cannot sit idly by while people drown. Racing to the scene, Batman sends Batgirl onto the boat to rescue the prisoners, which she does, leading them out through the safest route possible. She doubles back to help Batman, pushing him to safety at the risk of her own life. Batman recognises that she has a death wish and leaves her to decide whether or not she really wants to drown. Much to his relief, she joins him and the survivors on a life boat just as the ship sinks out of sight.

Second Story: "[No Title]" (8 Pages)


John Byrne (plot, script, pencils, inks, letters)
Mark Chiarello (edits)

Feature Character:

Robin I

Supporting Character:

James Gordon


Thick and Thin Lyman (first appearance)
Morton (first appearance; their lawyer)

Comment: This story is most likely an Elseworlds tale set outside normal DC continuity.


Batman and Robin capture Thick and Thin Lyman and their gang, but neither they nor the police can get them to reveal any further information about a major shipment of drugs due in the city. The Lyman's suddenly get bailed surprisingly easily, but find their every move dogged by either Batman or Robin, night and day. When they finally find themselves alone, Thick and Thin get to a meeting place as quickly as possible. However, once there, Thick reveals himself as Batman, but refuses to tell Thin when the switch took place...

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