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Batman: Gotham Knights #4
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June 2000 [$2.50]

Cover Credit: Brian Bolland (pencils, inks; signed)

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Story: "Samsara Part Two: Letting Go" (22 Pages)


Devin Grayson (plot, script)
Paul Ryan (pencils, inks)
Bill Oakley (letters)
Pamela Rambo (colors)
Wildstorm FX (color seperations)
Dennis O'Neil (edits)

Feature Character:


Supporting Characters:

Lucius Fox
Alfred Pennyworth

Other Characters:

Samuel Yates (dies in flashback preceding #3)
Ellie (Wayne Enterprises employees)
Mr Yates
Myra Yates (first appearance of both; also in flashback)


Batman continues to be confronted with 'Sam', who is taking over various dead bodies and blaming Batman for his death. Perusing the obituaries, Batman concludes that Sam must be Samuel Yates, a child killed in a car crash recently. Batman takes the unusual measure of 'borrowing' a corpse from the morgue, tying it up, and waiting for Sam to appear. He learns that Sam wants little more than to be able to see his mum and dad again. As Bruce Wayne, Batman visits Sam's father, where he discovers that Sam's mother Myra is spending almost all of her time out at the scene of the accident that killed Sam, blaming herself and wishing Sam back again. Sam tries to talk to her in the body of a dead homeless man, but this just scares her - into the path of a truck. Batman swoops in and saves her, which at least partly convinces Sam that he really does try to save all the lives he can.

Second Story: "Greetings from Gotham City" (8 Pages)


John Arcudi (plot, script)
Tony Salmons (pencils, inks)
Jack Morelli (letters)
Mark Chiarello (edits)

Feature Character:


Villains: Sam
Ivan (first appearance of both)

Comment: This story takes place at an unspecified point in Batman's crimefighting career.


Ivan writes a postcard to his mother from Gotham City, detailing the amazing exploits of the Batman in breaking up a gang of bank robbers. What he doesn't tell her is that he is one of the robbers and is writing from behind bars.

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1:Samsara Part Two: Letting Go
2:Greetings from Gotham City

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