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Chase #3
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April 1998 [$2.50]

Cover Credits: J.H. Williams III (pencils; signed);
Mick Gray (inks; signed)

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Story: "Pickups" (22 Pages)


D.C. Johnson and J.H. Williams III (plot)
D.C. Johnson (script)
J.H. Williams III (pencils)
Mick Gray (inks)
Lee Loughridge (colors, color seperations)
Eddie Bergenza (edits)

Feature Character:

Cameron Chase (also in nightmarish flashback along with her parents, her sister and Doctor Trap to when Cameron was seven; see Comment)

Supporting Characters:

Acro-Bat (Cameron's father)
Mrs. Chase (Cameron's mother)
Terry Chase (Cameron's sister; all three in flashback; see Comment; Terry next in Batman #550)


Killer Frost
Copperhead (as the Suicide Squad)
The Construct
The Shining Path
Sergio Vurskelyov (first appearance; a member of the Russian Mob)
Ilya (first appearance of both; two of Vurskelyov's assistants)
The Rocket Reds II (first appearance; members of the Russian Mob equipped with Rocket Red equipment)
Doctor Trap (Larry Trapp; first appearance; a former mechanical engineer; in flashback in between flashbacks in #6)

Other Character:


Comment: Certain details of the flashback in this issue appear slightly altered from how they actually happened. The real story behind the events in this flashback are revealed in #6. This issue also features D.E.O. files on the Construct and the new Rocket Reds

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