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Eclipso #12
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October 1993 [$1.25]

Cover Credits: Audwynn Jermaine Newman (pencils; signed)
Ray Kryssing (inks; signed)
Tom McCraw (colors)
Curtis King (cover edits)

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Story: "Scramble" (22 Pages)


Robert Loren Flemming (plot, script)
Audwynn Jermaine Newman (pencils)
Ray Kryssing (inks)
Gaspar Saladino (letters)
Tom McCraw (colors)
K.C. Carlson (edits)

Feature Character:


Guest Stars:

Commander Steel
Dr. Midnight
Wildcat III
Major Victory
Manhunter III
Peacemaker I

Supporting Characters:

Bruce Gordon
Mona Bennet
Simon Bennet
Amanda Waller
Chester Chunk

Guest Appearance:

Will Magnus (next in Metal Men Vol. 2 #1)

Other Characters:

Count Eclipso (released from Eclipso's grip)
Carmina Burana
Roberto Guzman
Anita Guzman (first appearance of both)

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