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Human Defense Corps #4
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October 2003 [$2.50]

Cover Credits: Clement Sauvé Jr (pencils; signed)
Juan Vlasco (inks; signed)

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Story: "The Midnight Hour" (22 Pages)


Ty Templeton (plot, script)
Clement Sauvé Jr (pencils)
Dennis Janke (inks)
Moose Baumann (colors)
Clem Robins (letters)
Valerie D'Orazio and Dan Raspler (edits)

Feature Characters:

Sergeant Dobbs
Sergeant Montgomery Kelly
Colonel Reno Rosetti
Corporal Taylor
General Skynner (last in #1)

Supporting Characters:

Chaplain Charlie Graham
Louis Kiyahani (Little Sure Shot; last in ...)
Mrs Roslyn Page (mother of Private David Page)
Doctor Zaius (last in #2)


Barbariccia (an 'astral guard')
Calcabrina (the demon seen in a test tube in #2)

Guest Appearance:

Charon (the blind ferryman, possibly dies)

Other Character:

Mister Woolvet (a pilot)

Comment: This issue takes place a few hours after the last issue and continues directly in the next issue


Chaplain Charlie Graham gathers those Human Defense Corps personnel who have been dreaming of the men thought killed by hostile species NHH-014 along with some of the dead men's relatives for a seance. They discover that the men are definitely not dead, and are being held by the demonic beings. A captured demon tells them that this is in order for his clan to gain power - living souls are worth so much more in hell than dead ones. The Human Defense Corps goes to war, invading hell to get their people back.

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1:The Midnight Hour

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