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 BIG BANG - 1 B.C.

In The Beginning...
BIG BANG | 15 Billion B.C. | 5 Billion B.C. | 1 Billion B.C. | 100,000 Million B.C. | 1 Million B.C. | 100,000 B.C. | 25,000 B.C. | 5,000 B.C.

Major event/story arc (usually 3 issues or more). Origin and/or first public appearance of a character/team. Major events which are pre-Crisis or otherwise out-of-continuity Death of a hero/villain

  BIG BANG : c. 19 BILLION B.C.  


    The Big Bang. The universe is created, formed of vapor and forged with fire. Great energies are born and just as quickly dies as that which was formless struggles to find a form, and that which is without reason seeks purpose. Out of this is born that which is eternal, that which is all and beyond all... The Source. This point in time is often referred to as the "First World".
    Using his special time-bending device Krona gazes unto the beginning of the universe and ends up unleashing the Anti-Matter Universe.
    At the moment of creation the entity known as The Voice, as well as the two eternal forces known as Order and Chaos also come into existence. Some evidence even indicate that the Source and the Voice are but two aspects of the same. Shortly after the creation of the universe, when the Voice first opens its mouth it creates the Word. Before it is ever spoken aloud, the word was traced by the hand of the Endless known as Destiny on the first pages of his book.
    The time-travelling Spectre finally succeeds in defeating Shathan. Showcase #61 (March 1966), "Beyond the Sinister Barrier"
    The next three of the Endless to come into existence are Death, Dream, and Destruction. It is known that Destruction, the youngest of the three, come into being as the first sentient beings emerges in the universe.
    Entities known as the Aurakles also come into being at this time.
    At some undisclosed point early in the creation of the universe, however after the first four of the Endless, the Archangels known as Lucifer, Uriel, Raphael, Michael, Saraquael, Gabriel, and Ragual come into existence. Early on one-third of the angels of Heaven, led by Lucifer, rebel against their master and are banished to the metaphysical realm that will one day become known as Hell.

  c. 18 BILLION B.C.  

    At the center of the universe the GodWorld forms out of native elements.

  c. 17 BILLION B.C.  

    Life appears on the GodWorld, beginning what is often referred to as the "Second World".

  c. 15 BILLION B.C.  

    Humanoid life attain "godhood" on the GodWorld.

  c. 10 BILLION B.C.  

    Life emerge on Maltus. As life evolves and the dominant species of the planet become sentient, the planet quickly evolve into a place of science and technology. The Maltusians not only explore the stars, they also explore their inner selves and develop telepathic and telekinetik abilities to aid them in their quest for more knowledge. Secret Origins Vol. 3 #23 (February 1988), "The Secret Origin of the Guardians of the Universe"]

  c. 7.5 BILLION B.C.  

    The Dark Circle forms.

  c. 5 BILLION B.C.  

    On GodWorld the Old Gods manage to annihilate themselves in a war that shatters their planet. The cataclysm release a wave of cosmic energy (the GodWave) that leave behind a fragment of itself wherever it touches, later resulting in the creation of many gods on many worlds. The cataclysm also splits the Old Gods' world in two and cuts off that sector of space from the rest of the Universe.
    The people of Maltus near perfection. The best of each sex, the male Aps and female Zamars, were chosen to be Oans. Secret Origins Vol. 3 #23 (February 1988), "The Secret Origin of the Guardians of the Universe"
    The star Sol ignites.

  c. 4.8 BILLION B.C.  

NEW GENESIS AND APOKOLIPS     From the two molten spheres left behind from the destruction of the GodWorld the twin worlds of Apokolips and New Genesis begin to form. The first, New Genesis, is a world of light imbued with the living atoms of the god Balduur. The second, Apokolips, is a world of darkness imbued with the essence of an evil sorceress.

  c. 4.5 BILLION B.C.  

    The planet Earth forms.

  c. 4.4 BILLION B.C.  

    Renegade Oan scientist Krona builds a time-bending device in order to delve into the one area of science forbidden to all Maltusians/Oans: the origins of the universe itself. As he uses the device to see the very beginning of the universe a terrible cosmic bolt splinters the device and Krona somehow and ends up retroactively altering history as the Anti-Matter Universe is created at the dawn of time and with the unleashing of the Anti-Matter Universe came a wave of evil that spread throughout fifty million worlds. Secret Origins Vol. 3 #23 (February 1988), "The Secret Origin of the Guardians of the Universe"
    Realizing that the origin was blocked from his probing Krona build another time-bending device and tried to look into the beginning by looking past the end. Due to the intervention of the Maultusian known as Dawlakispokpok and the Zamaron known as Thwarcharchura Krona ends up linking past and future together, releasing entropy in the universe.

  c. 4.3 BILLION B.C.  

    Life emerges on the twin worlds of Apokolips and New Genesis and new civilizations are build with astonishing speed.

  c. 4 BILLION B.C.  

    Single-cell life-forms appear in the oceans of Earth.
Abnegazer, Rath, and Ghast     Abnegazar, Rath, Ghast and other demons rule the Earth for millions of years, until their evil come to the attention of the beings known as the Timeless Ones who then banishes them from the Earthly plane to the metaphysical realm of Hell. As the demons vanishes from Earth they leave behind three talismans, life evolves and some species rise from the oceans.

  c. 3.5 BILLION B.C.  

OansManhunters     The advanced beings from Maltus known as the Oans establish a base on a planet which exists in the Central Cluster close to the planet Quard on which the Krono's curse began. The name the planet Oa and begin their role as the Guardians of the Universe. The Guardians imprison the Empire of Tears on the planet Ysmault. Then they banish all mystic energies on Oa to the far reaches of space, within a mystic orb they name the Starheart.

    The Guardians of the Universe purge themselves of their baser tendencies and store their dark nature within a sphere of energy. In order to restore order in the universe the Guardians create a Central Power Battery that combines and amplifies their mental energies. The Guardians experiment on a number of lizards in an attempt to create the perfect warrior. The experiment is later abandoned and the genetically altered lizards are left to themselves and will later evolve to the species known as the Psions. Following the their failed experiments the Guardians then create the android Manhunters to protect the emerging races of the Universe.

Secret Origins Vol. 3 #23 (February 1988), "The Secret Origin of the Guardians of the Universe"

  c. 3.3 BILLION B.C.  

    On Earth the time-lost 20th century Swamp Thing establishes the Green as he creates the tree of knowledge known as Yggdrasil. This would eventually lead to the creation of the Parliament of Trees. Elsewhere other events led to the creation of the Parliaments of Stones, Water, Air, and Fire. Swamp Thing Vol. 2 #89 (November 1989), "Founding Fathers"

  c. 3 BILLION B.C.  

    A thousand year war is fought between the Guardians of the Universe and the Manhunters. The Manhunters were eventually defeated and returned weponless to the planets they had originally been assigned to. A fraction of Guardians disagree with the handling of the Manhunter situation and decide to leave Oa and would later become known as the Controllers. The devastation left behind by the Manhunters attack leave the women of Oa dissatisfied with the Guardians and their attempts at playing gods. The Guardians run test cases on a pre-Green Lantern Corps. Deeming the test successful they form the Green Lantern Corps, a group of 3600 sentient beings, each assigned to protecting a specific sector of the known Universe. Secret Origins Vol. 3 #23 (February 1988), "The Secret Origin of the Guardians of the Universe"
    The Guardians send out incredibly powerful teaching machines, such as the Green Glob. Angel and the Ape #4 (June 1991)

  c. 2.5 BILLION B.C.  

    The women of Oa, now following the old teachings of Zamar, leave Oa and found the planet Zamaron. Secret Origins Vol. 3 #23 (February 1988), "The Secret Origin of the Guardians of the Universe"

  c. 1 BILLION B.C.  

    The Guardians vow never to harm either the Zamarons or the Korugarians. Green Lantern Vol. 2 #200 (May 1986)

  c. 300 MILLION B.C.  

    Aliens dump an infestation on Earth that will stay dormant for almost 300,000,000 years. Action Comics #646 (October 1989), "Burial Ground"


    Dinosaurs begin their reign on Earth.
    Chronos I, a time traveler from the late 20th century, is stranded in time after battle with Blue Beetle II and enters suspended animation. Blue Beetle Vol. 2 #22 (March 1988), "A Question of Time"
    The time-lost 20th century hero Captain Atom and Monarch (Hank Hall) battle dinosaurs, each other, meet aliens attempting to destroy Earth. Captain Atom transported to Ancient Rome. Monarch & aliens enter suspended animation. Armageddon: Alien Agenda #1 (November 1991), "Days of Thunderlizards"
    A group of heroes (GL Guy Gardner, Starfire III, Orion, Lobo, and Enemy Ace) sent by Waverider to stop rise of Abraxis. Armageddon: Inferno #2 (May 1992), "Sea of Trouble"

  c. 150 MILLION B.C.  

    Chronos/Walker Gabriel strands 22nd century shape-changing serial killer Hayden Glass in this time period.

  c. 138 MILLION B.C.  

    Cretaceous period begins. World Book Encyclopedia

  c. 120 MILLION B.C.  

    Red Tornado II & Tuatara of Global Guardians travel to 122,368,523 years ago to find bomb planted by alien Grax. They battle dinosaurs, before finding & disarming bomb. Super-Friends #8, (November 1977)
    First mammals appear on Earth.

  c. 100 MILLION B.C.  

    The Dokris invades Earth in 2287 A.D. In order to guarantee their success, the alien invaders send a device back to 100,842,246 B.C. which will nullify atomic energy in the late 20th century. Flash sends Kid Flash back to this period to destroy device, while he travels to 2287 A.D. to battle the aliens. Flash Vol. 1 #125 (December 1961)
    A time-lost 20th century Superman spends six weeks in this time period and encounters Chronos I, whose time-stasis device has malfunctioned temporarily awakening him from suspended animation. Action Comics #664 (April 1991), "Time & Time Again Phase Five: Many Long Years Ago..."

  c. 70 MILLION B.C.  

    An alien race known as the Hunter/Gatherers come to Earth and hunt the remaining dinosaurs to extinction. They leave, eventually mature, and regretting their past actions, start a galaxy-wide reclaimation. Aquaman Vol. 4 #17 (February 1996), "Numbers"

  c. 14 MILLION B.C.  

    Long before there was human life on Earth, a group of white Martians came to Earth. Earth was to have been cradle of a superhuman race. Martian's manipulations provoked biological catastrophe, crippling human race, causing majority of those who should have been gods, to be born just human. Green Martians punish white Martians by imprisoning them in Still Zone. JLA#4, (April 1997), "Invaders of Mars"
    Ramapithecus, early precursor of man, first appeared.

  c. 10 MILLION B.C.  

    Millions of years ago, the Animal Masters created the animals. It's shadow, Antagon, also appeared. They battled for millions of years. The Antagon hides for the next 10 million years. Animal Man #46 (April 1991)

  c. 8 MILLION B.C.  

    Race of metallic beings living on Earth is wiped out by comet. Sole survivor Katmos enters suspended animation. Flash Vol. 1 #105, (March 1959)

  c. 5 MILLION B.C.  

    Homo Habilis, early ancestor of modern humans, live in Africa. World History Visual Factfinder, 1993

  c. 3.7 MILLION B.C.  

    Early pre-humans appear in Africa.

  c. 1.5 MILLION B.C.  

    Men from the early 21st century A.D. travel back 1.5 million years. Apemen chase them, one of the 20th century Animal Man's ape ancestors gets stuck in time. Animal Man #31 (January 1990)

  c. 1 MILLION B.C.  

    Imsk, a planet around the star Irulan, is colonized by the Krill.
    From his base at the end of time, the Time Trapper steals a slice of time to create a Pocket Universe. Action Comics #591 (August 1987), "Past Imperfect"
    The continent of Lemuria is destroyed, Zanadu the Chaos Lord is frozen in amber.

  c. 500,000 B.C.  

    Around 543,000 B.C. the alien race known as the Hunter/Gatherers, regretting their past actions, start a galaxy-wide reclaimation. Specially bred Hunter/Gatherers's come to Earth as colonists to aid humanity's develop. The Hunter-Gatherers, who once laid waste to Earth, colonize it in order to undo the damage. Their race is conquered by the Anunnake, but resistance is met on Earth. The Hunter/Gatherers's retreat, but leave behind several observation ships. Atlantean legends would incorrectly tell of the great mages taking to the stars using magic.
    The H'v'ler'ni establish and flourish in the city-state of A'r'ven in South American mountains, origins unknown, but they claimed to be born on Earth. Superman Vol. 2 #6 (June 1987), "The Last Five Hundred"
    First recorded history on Krypton. Action Comics #652 (April 1990)
    For ten centuries, A'r'ven thrive until striken by plague. Scientists discover microbes carried by primitive human slaves. Twenty million H'v'ler'ni leave Earth for outer space. Superman Vol. 2 #6 (June 1987), "The Last Five Hundred"
    Time-lost Superman is present and uses H'v'ler'ni starship's engine blast to catapult him through time to Camelot. Action Comics #664 (April 1991), "Time & Time Again Phase Five: Many Long Years Ago..."
    Five hundred of the H'v'ler'ni race remain behind under leadership of A'X'Iar, and place their minds in giant robot body, waiting until humanity's technology had advanced enough so they could transfer their minds into humans, being immune to plague. Superman Vol. 2 #6 (June 1987), "The Last Five Hundred"

  c. 300,000 B.C.  

    From the idea of man that lies in every woman's heart and the idea of woman in the heart of every man, the Nameless One a denizen of the shadowlands creates the Syzygy (the man-woman), the first of the Archai. When the Syzygy proves to be stronger than the Nameless One had expected it splits the Syzygy in two, a male and a female.

  c. 250,000 B.C.  

    The earliest Homo Sapiens appear in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

  c. 200,000 B.C.  

    During Krypton's 5th historic epoch, the Cleric arrives and condemns the cloning techniques used by the natives. The Science Council direct Kem-L, an ancestor of Superman, to build the Eradicator to kill the Cleric. Although the Cleric agrees to leave the planet peacefully, the Council attacks... but the Eradicator sides with the Cleric. The Cleric takes 100,000 Kryptonian followers and the Eradicator aboard his great ark and leave the planet. The Kryptonian passengers all die. The Cleric learns that they were somehow linked to their planet (he was unaware that it was the fault of the Eradicator). Action Comics Annual #2 (1989)

  c. 150,000 B.C.  

    On the continent of Atlantis, a focal point for unharnessed magical energies, homo sapiens evolved into Homo Magi (also classified as Homo Sapiens Magi) as a result of their exposure to these energies.
    The people of Atlantis quickly adapted to the environment, eventually learning to master it, and thus Atlantis produced a line of mages and magicians and soon became a cradle of civilization. In the "burgeoning" metropolis called the City of the Golden Gate, on the coast of the continent, a series of kings and queens guided Atlantis through its early years.
    At some point a group of magicians formed the Twelve Crystals of the Zodiac (also known as the Twelve Gems) with magical properties to help differentiate power and status. The twelve gems contained unparalleled power and were never kept together.
    Around 143,000 B.C. the Atlanthean sorcerers known as Calculha and Dark Majistra have two sons, Ahri'ahn and Garn Daanuth. Calculha, a follower of the Light, raises Ahri'ahn, while Majistra raises Garn and teaches him dark sorcery. In a ploy to gain vast mystical powers Majistra and her son Garn use their magical abilities to gather the Twelve Crystals, an act that triggers a cataclysm that threatens to destroy Atlantis. Their ploy is ultimately thwarted by Calculha and Ahri'ahn, as Ahri'ahn sacrifice himself to disrupt Majistra's control of the crystals, thereby averting the cataclysm. As a result of his sacrifice Ahri'ahn is turned into pure energy, Calculha is exiled to the Darkworld, and Garns body is drained of all color. Calculha then forms Ahri'ahn's life energy into a sphere that he sends into outer space.

  c. 100,000 B.C.  

    In Krypton's 6th historic epoch, the terrorist group called the Black Zeros initiate wars by triggering a nuclear device. This device begins a chain reaction that will eventually destroy the planet.
    On Earth Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis (Neanderthal Man) evolve.
    During these violent times on Earth a female is struck down and killed at the hands of a male. Although her body died her soul will live on and return at a later time.

  c. 50,000 B.C.  

Vandal Savage (bottom), Immortal Man (top)    Rip Hunter, a time traveler from the 20th century kills Vandar Adg, the chieftain of a tribe of Neanderthals known as the Blood Tribe. The Son of the chieftain, who had witnessed the brutal murder of his father, then takes the name of his father and becomes leader of the tribe, as is the custom. Not long afterwards Vandar Adg II is struck by a fiery meteor that bursts into flaming gasses over Vandar's head. The gasses burns through his body and soul and changes something within him making him immortal. Vandar's strange transformation is observed by Rip Hunter, who already knew of it's effect on the unsuspecting Vandar. Time Masters #8 (September 1990), "Time Loves A Hero"
    The transformation was also witnessed by another man, the leader of the Bear Tribe, who as Vandar flees the still burning meteor cautiously approaches it and from its very heart he extracts a jewel that he from that moment on will always wear around his neck. He will later come to realize that his exposure to the strange gasses has also changed him so that he will be reincarnated whenever his body is met with a violent death. sometimes older, sometimes younger but always retaining his skills and knowledge. He would later be known as the Immortal Man and he and Vandar (later known as Vandal Savage) would eventually become eternal enemies.
    Vandar's tribe later joins with other tribes and at one point Vandar suggest that the tribe settles down and grow the earth. Feeling threatened by Vandar the leader of the tribe, a Hawk Avatar, tries to kill him but is himself killed by Vandar instead. From then on Vandar would become an enemy to the Hawk Avatars that would reappear approximately every hundred years.
    The time-lost 20th century hero named the Star-Spangled Kid hides for a few weeks from a tribe of prehistoric men. He is rescued by Aquaman, Wildcat, and the second Green Lantern.
    During the 100,000 years since the disappearance of Ahri'ahn, Garn Daanuth had studied and mastered dark sorcery and as he became a threat to the existence of Atlantis Calculha brought back Ahri'ahn to Earth where he regained human form and became known as Arion, Lord High Mage of Atlantis. Over the following centuries Garn and Arion clashed many times.
    Toward the end of the period the Atlantheans fashioned an exploratory vessel that was hurled to the stars with magical energy. 500 years later it returned, bringing aliens that threatened Atlantis's existence. Though Arion fought valiantly, the City of the Golden Gate was destroyed and most of the continent of Atlantis sank.

  c. 43,000 B.C.  

    One of the mages of Atlantis learns that the battle fought 100,000 years earlier slightly titled the planet, causing environmental problems. From his exile, Calculha summons Ahri'Ahn's life energy back to Earth. The resurrected youth is found by Wyynde, devoid of memory, Ahri'Ahn rises as Arion. Arion finds the Mantle of Many Threads and becomes a great wizard. In the 183rd year of the reign of King D'Tilluh, Garn Daanuth returns from the planet Anuleous. Some time later, one of the Hunter/Gatherers' observation ships arrives over Atlantis and offers the Earth the option of surrender. The demon Chaon sends a blast of magic into Atlantis, destroying the City of the Golden Gate. Arion sends out six expeditions. Arion establishes a new home. Another founds New Atlantis in the other-dimensional world of Skartaris. Years later, time-traveling Rip Hunter, Jeff Smith, and Cave Carson visit Arion and learn of the arrival of [Vandal] Savage and the creation of the Brotherhood of Light (later the Illuminati) a few hundred years earlier. Soon after, Arion sends his 2-year-old granddaughter Kara to the 20th century. Garn Daanuth places himself in suspended animation.

  c. 38,000 B.C.  

    The GodWave makes its first pass over Earth. The passing of the GodWave causes a group of Earth natives to evolve into a race of beings forever set aside from the from the callous, grunting Homo Sapiens over the next 5,00 years. These beings would later be known as gods of Earth, and included the Titans, and the Greek, Roman, and Norse gods (Beginning of the Third World).

  c. 30,000 B.C.  

    With the birth of Anthro, the first Cro-Magnon boy, the age of the Neanderthal was coming to a close. The son of the Neanderthal known as Ne-Ahn, leader of the Bear Tribe, Antro was to lead his people toward enlightenment.
    The old society lived side-by-side with the new, while resenting the fact that its time was over. This eventually led to a series of violent battles between the Neanderthals and the Cro-Magnon. In times like this great warriors such as Kong, the Untamed, son of the woman Attu and the tribal chief Trog the one-eyed. At the time of Kong's birth the tribe shaman predicted that the child would one day grow up to be an unbeatable warrior. Fearing that his son would one day want to challenge his position Trog expelled Kong and Attu from the tribe. As Kong had grown to boyhood his mother was killed, presumably by Trog, and Kong vowed vengeance, swearing to one day kill his father.

  c. 28,000 B.C.  

    The denizens of Apokolips and New Genesis attain Godhood and become known as the New Gods (Beginning of the Fourth World). Some time later, Yuga Khan rises to power on Apokolips.

  c. 23,000 B.C.  

    Drax is born to Yuga Khan's daughter Heggra on Apokolips. Izaya the Inheritor is born on New Genesis. 1,000 years later Heggra gives birth to her second son, Uxas.

  c. 20,000 B.C.  

    The golden age Flash time-travels from 6th century Camelot back 20,000 years and then forward 20,000 years searching for Vandal Savage. All-Star Comics #65 (April 1977), "The Master Plan of Vandal Savage"

  c. 16,000 B.C.  

    Yuga Kahn is overthrown, his daughter Heggra is made queen. Queen Heggra has two sons as her heirs, the kind Drax and the cruel Uxas.

  c. 13,000 B.C.  

    Uxas goes to Earth where he creates the schism in the neophyte Greco/Roman gods.

  c. 12,000 B.C.  

    First recorded appearance of the New God known as Metron.
    The Wild Huntsman walks the Earth for 10,500 years.

  c. 10,000 B.C.  

    Modern civilization begins on Earth.
    The Manhunters fail in an attempt to overthrow the Guardians, the many survivors flee across the universe.
    Determining that natural life-forms, in spite of all their failings, would make the better agents than the Manhunters some of the Guardians recruit and organize the Green Lantern Corps.
    Others who believe in taking more direct action and completely destroying evil leave Oa to follow their own path. These Guardians later evolved into the race known as the Controllers.

  c. 9,600 B.C.  

    The Atlantean King Orin rules Poseidonis (built on the ruins of the City of the Golden Gate). Albart of Ancinor becomes the first official keeper of the Atlantis Chronicles. In order to protect Atlantis from local savages, King Orin orders that a dome be built over Poseidonis. Later, a large meteor crashes near Atlantis and sinks the continent.[Atlantis Chronicles #1 (March 1990), "The Deluge"] A year later, the renegade Shalako takes followers through the tunnels to colonize Tritonis. He uses his magic to form a dome over that city. King Orin sends troops out to the surface world, none return (some reach Egypt). King Orin's scientists develop a serum which allows humans to breathe underwater. When Orin offers the serum to the Tritonians, Shalako corrupts it with his magic and the Tritonians develop fish legs. The offspring are born with a tail instead of legs. Atlantis Chronicles #2 (April 1990), "The Vanished Sun"

  c. 9,000 B.C.  

    In Canaan, a young boy named Jebediah is chosen by six gods to use their powers and battle evil. Speaking the magic word VLAREM, he will change into the Champion, possessing the strength of Voldar, the wisdom of of Lumiun, the speed of Arel, the power of Rebaivei, the courage Elbiam, and the stamina of Marzosh. For 3000 years Shazam fights evil as the Champion. At one time he is seduced by a demon of the netherworld, that has taken human form. Their union produces two offspring, that will later be known as Blaze and Satanus.

  c. 8,000 B.C.  

    The Antagon, which has hidden for nearly 10 million years, creates the image of Ananse, the Spider God, and brings Man the Tantu Totem. Two thousand years later it creates the helmet and elixir of the Beast, and later the Spirit Masks. Animal Man #12 (June 1989)

  c. 5,000 B.C.  

    Felix Faust attempts to steal the Flame of Life from Nommo of the African empire of Kor (later Dr. Mist). Nommo imprisons Faust in another dimension. Nommo absorbs the Flame into himself and becomes immortal. Secret Origins Vol. 3 #27 (June 1988), "A Symphony of Shadows"
    Nabu, a Lord of Order, takes on human form for the next 5000 years.

  c. 4,000 B.C.  

    Noah survives the Great Flood. Eclipso is banished to the Moon and the Spectre is chosen to replace him as the Angel of Vengeance. The Heart of Darkness is created.

  c. 3,000 B.C.  

    A hybrid bird race, headed by Ibis-headed Thoth, and Falcon-headed Horus, come to Egypt, and serve as advisors before the coming of the Pharaos. At some point the bird-race, which will later be worshipped as gods, leave Egypt and migrate to the Arctic where they found the hidden city of Feithera.

    Nabu aligns himself with the rulers of Egypt.

  c. 2,700 B.C.  

    Vandal Savage is a king in ancient Sumer.

  c. 2,600 B.C.  

    In Egypt, the time-lost 20th century hero Stripesy is forced into slavery for a few weeks before he is rescued by Batman, Starman and Hourman. Justice League of America #101 (September 1972), "The Hand That Shook the World"

  2,578 B.C.  

    Vandal Savage and Kulak both pose as Cheops (Khufu), ruler of Egypt.
    Bonnie Baxter of the time travelers known as the Time Masters shows up in Egypt in an attempt to put an end to the secret society that would later be known as the Illuminati. She was then confronted by the Lord of Order known as Nabu who reveals to her that the Illuminati goes back as far as the last days of Atlantis and that the society is connected to the God-King known as Khafre, who is actually the immortal Vandal Savage. Bonnie is then aided by Nabu, who using a part from Bonnie's communicator, creates a scarab (the Blue Beetle scarab) that he uses to entomb Savage, or rather a slave that Savage had placed in his stead to trick Nabu. Time Masters #6 (July 1990), "Time Waits For Noone"

  2,030 B.C.  

    The evil priest Khalis is given the Amulet of Anubis by the Egyptian god Anubis himself. In the following years he forces slaves to build pyramids in homage to Anubis. Around 2,025 B.C. Nabu manifests himself on Earth in Egypt and overthrows the rule of Khalis, and takes the Amulet of Anubis from him. The slaves mummify Khalis alive. Anubis casts a spell which makes Khalis immortal until such a time as he retrieves the Amulet. First Issue Special #9 (December 1975)

  c. 2,000 B.C.  

    During the 12th dynasty, Egyptian Prince Amentep acquires the Ibistick and becomes Ibis the Invincible. He and his wife Taia later place themselves into suspended animation.
    The ancient Egyptians establish the sub-atomic world of Ra.
    Nommo creates the Stones of Life and gives them to a group of Homo Magi. [Secret Origins Vol. 3 #27 (June 1988), "A Symphony of Shadows"
    30th century Jo Nah of one of the Time Trapper's pocket universes, will become lost in time. He is aided and sent home by Nabu. Nabu is a "servant" of Amen-em-het at this time. Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 4 #19 (June 1991)
    As the instrument of God's wrath the Spectre-force rains devastation on Sodom and Gomorra. Spectre Vol. 3 #14 (January 1994), "Wrath of God"

  1,567 B.C.  

    Prince Khufu-Maat-Kha-Tar fights the Hyksos oppression and the high priest Hath-Set as Horus the Hawk, an avatar of the God known as Horus the Avenger.

  1,290 B.C.  

    Pharaoh Ramesses II assumes the throne of Egypt.

Parting of the Red Sea    During the early years of Ramesses' rule he is approached by the Hebrew known as Moses, who wants him to release the Israelites. The Pharaoh refuses and Moses warns him that as a result Egypt will be haunted by a number of plagues until the Israelites are set free. Though frightened by the displays of the Hebrew God the Pharaoh doesn't change his mind. Not even the court magician, Nabu is able to change his mind. But when the Spectre-force kills every first-born male child of Egypt including the Pharaoh's son, he begins fearing what the Hebrew God might next do to him and agrees to let the Israelites out of captivity. Soon afterwards he forgets his fear and orders his armies to follow the slaves. They catches up with his former slaves as they are passing through the Red Sea, that the Spectre-force is parting on God's behalf. When the Israelites had passed the Spectre-force closes the waters once again.

Spectre Vol. 3 #14 (January 1994), "Wrath of God"

Note: Exactly when the Exodus took place is hard to determine. Biblical chronology dates the Exodus around 1450 BC but archaeological evidence in Egypt shows that Ramesses II reigned in the 13th Century (1279 - 1213 BC). However new archeological evidence suggests that the pharaoh on the throne of Egypt at the time of the Exodus was most likely Neferhotep I. If this is correct the Exodus should be placed around 1450 BC.

    During the later years of Ramesses' rule, Shazam has become a great wizard as he has abandoned his role as the Champion when his Gods has been forgotten by all but himself. To continue the fight against evil he chooses Teth-Adam, one of the Pharaoh's many sons to become his successor. However instead of granting Adam his own powers Shazam ends up bestowing him with the powers of the Egyptian deities known as Shu, Heru, Amon, Zehuti, Aton, and Mehen due to a deception caused by the union of his daughter Blaze and the Egyptian god Set. Teth-Adam become Mighty Adam.

  1,260 B.C.  

    Mighty Adam arranges a major peace treaty with the Hittites Power of Shazam #10

  1,230 B.C.  

    In the land of Sumer, in the Valliey of Ur, Nabu enters suspended animation until the early 20th century.

  1,225 B.C.  

    After the death of Ramesses II, Shazam leaves Egypt sure that Mighty Adam will carry on his work. However Adam is then corrupted by Blaze, in the form of a young woman, and is convinced that he should become Pharaoh and rule Egypt, with Blaze by his side. When Shazam hears of Adam's betrayal he returns to Egypt to stop him. Using a powerful scarab, Shazam manages to draw all power out of Adam who then dies from his restored aging process. Shazam then buries the Scarab along with Adam (now know as Khem-Adam) at Abu Simbel. Merenptah is made Pharaoh.

  c. 1,200 B.C.  

    A group of Olympian Goddesses go to the Cavern of Souls, home of the souls of thousands of women who have died before their time. The Goddesses led by Artemis uses their powers to reincarnate these souls as adult women. These women (approximately 2,500 in number) led by Hippolyte will become known as the Amazons and will teach humanity of the wisdom of the Gods.
    Refusing to tolerate the Atlanthean Council's decision to go to war with the surface world the Idylists leave Atlantis. Atlantis Chronicles #6 (August 1990), "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea"

  c. 1,175 B.C.  

    Moving down from the North a group of Atlantheans lead by Honsu the Conqueror murdered everyone that came in their way. However, when these "foreigners from the sea" attacked Egypt during Ramessess III's eighth year as pharaoh they met their first defeat. Atlantis Chronicles #6 (August 1990), "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea"
    The Trojan War. The Seven Soliders of Victory follow Dr. Doome from 1942 A.D. to the seige of Troy. Leading Comics #3 (Summer 1942) / All-Star Squadron #29 (January 1984), "A Man Called Doome!"

  c. 1,000 B.C.  

  c. 925 B.C.  

    While Nabu is interred to await the arrival of an appropriate successor, the Shazam prepares for a future successor of his own by gathering the powers which he will later bestow upon another. He begins his quest with King Solomon and later retreats to the Rock of Eternity.

  c. 330 B.C.  

    Per Degaton travels to 331 B.C. from 1947 A.D. and alters the outcome of the battle between Alexander the Great and Darius. The JSA follow him from 1947 A.D. and undo the damage he has caused. All are returned to 1947 A.D. All-Star Comics #35 (June-July 1947), "The Day That Dropped Out of Time"
    Dr. Doome summons Alexander the Great to 1942 A.D. Leading Comics #3 (Summer 1942) / All-Star Squadron #29 (January 1984), "A Man Called Doome!"

  c. 210 B.C.  

    A small band of Durlans pose as Greek gods on Earth then return home. It is believed that, years in their own personal futures, the 30th century Legionnaires will travel in time and chase the Durlans off Earth. Soon after, a nuclear war devastates the planet Durla.

  c. 150 B.C.  

    The time-traveling golden-age Flash saves Julius Caesar. All-Flash #4
    Vandal Savage poses as Julius Caesar.

  c. 7-4 B.C.  

    Jesus is born in Judaea. It is decreed that beings such as the Spectre may no longer walk the Earth unless in concert with a human soul. The Spectre is driven into limbo. Spectre Vol. 3 #14 (January 1994), "Wrath of God"

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