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Unofficial IndexJLA SECRET FILES 2004
JLA Secret Files 2004
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November 2004 [$4.95]

Cover Credits: Doug Mahnke (pencils; signed)
Tom Nguyen (inks; signed)
David Baron (colors)

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Story: "Same Coin" (22 Pages)


Joe Kelly (plot, script)
Doug Mahnke and John Byrne (pencils)
Tom Nguyen (inks)
Pat Brosseau (letters)
Jeromy Cox (colors)
Mike Carlin and Ivan Cohen (edits)

Feature Character: Flash III

Guest Stars: Coldcast
Green Arrow I
Major Disaster
Manitou Raven
Menagerie II
Sister Superior (all seven with Flash as the Justice League Elite)
Atom II
Green Lantern (John Stewart)
Martian Manhunter
Plastic Man
Wonder Woman (all seven with Flash as the JLA)

Supporting Character:

Naif al-Sheikh (between Justice League Elite #4 and #5)


Felix Faust

Comment: This story takes place between JLA #106 and #107 and between Justice League Elite #4 and #5. The presence of the Atom places it before Identity Crisis.


Flash finds himself torn between the JLA and the Justice League Elite, particularly since the unpleasant death of President Bhat of Changhsa which was almost certainly the work of one of the Elite. Both teams find themselves involved with cases with supernatural links to Hitler, and both come to the conclusion that their opponent is trying to gain control of the Spear of Destiny. Working with both teams simultaneously, Flash is able to ensure that neither Circe nor Felix Faust succeed. This is a difficult fet, but he knows he has done a good job, and that both teams need him. At least for now.

Second Story: "The Fall of Modora" (10 Pages)


Kurt Buseik (plot, script)
Ron Garney (pencils)
Dan Green (inks)
Jared K. Fletcher (letters)
David Baron (colors)
Mike Carlin and Ivan Cohen (edits)

Feature Characters:

Johnny Quick III
Power Ring II
Owlman II
Superwoman III
Ultraman II (as the Crime Syndicate; next in JLA #108)

Guest Stars:

Lady Sonar (also appears in flashback)
Star Sapphire
General Grodd
Sir Solomon Grundy
Quizmaster (the Justice Underground, 'Earth Two' versions of Star Sapphire, Gorilla Grodd, Major Force, Solomon Grundy and the Riddler, all in flashback only) The Missile Men
Doctor Eclipso (all appear in flashback only)

Comment: This story precedes the death of the Crime Syndicate in JLA/Avengers


The Crime Syndicate of America, the rulers of most of 'Earth Two' invade Modora, the last outpost of good on the planet, and finally defeat its rebel leader, Lady Sonar, and put her in cryogenic storage like the rest of their opponents. However, Power Ring soon realises that this could become very dull very quickly, with no-one left to subdue. This concerns them less than it perhaps should, as Johnny Quick is thrown back from a trip to the future, where he discovered that there is no future at all, their Earth will soon cease to be.

Feature: "Profile Pages" (5 Pages)


Joe Kelly (text - Justice League Elite)
Doug Mahnke (pencils - Justice League Elite)
Tom Nguyen (inks - Justice League Elite)
David Baron (colors - Justice League Elite, The Red King)
Dan Slott (text - The Red King)
Dan Jurgens (pencils - The Red King)
Jerry Ordway (inks - The Red King)
Mike McAvennie (text - Justice League of America Satellite Era, Ultramarine Corps)
John Byrne (pencils - Justice League of America)
Al Milgrom (inks - Justice League of America)
Tom McCraw (colors - Justice League of America)
Ed McGuinness (pencils - Ultramarine Corps)
Dexter Vines (inks - Ultramarine Corps)
Dave McCaig (colors - Ultramarine Corps)
Mike Carlin and Ivan Cohen (edits)

Comment: Profile pages of the new/changed entities in the life of the Justice League, incuding a double-page spread of the Justice League Elite

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1:Same Coin
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