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Unofficial IndexJSA ANNUAL
JSA Annual #1
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2000 [$3.50]

Cover Credits: Buzz (pencils, inks; signed)

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Story: "Genesis" (12 Pages)

Credits: David Goyer (plot, script)
Caton (pencils)
Wade Von Grawbadger (inks)
Ken Lopez (letters)
Carla Feeny (colors)
Heroic Age (color separations)
Peter Tomasi (edits)

Feature Characters:

Nemesis II (Soseh Mykros; first appearance)

Villains: Sportsmaster clones
Dr Anatol Mykros (last appearance in Detective Comics #443)
Ellina Mykros (first appearance)


Soseh Mykros is fighting back against the Council, the group, headed by her father, who created her and made her and her sister greater than human, and with the ability to mimic any and every physical skill they encounter. She faces her sister before diving into the waters of the Aegean Sea.

Second Story: "Sisters" (26 Pages)

Credits: Geoff Johns (plot, script)
Buzz (pencils)
Jim Royal (inks)
Ken Lopez (letters)
Carla Feeny (colors)
Heroic Age (color separations)
Peter Tomasi (edits)

Feature Characters:

Hawkgirl II
Black Canary II
Star-Spangled Kid II

Guest Star:

Nemesis II (next in JSA Secret Files #2)

Supporting Characters:


Villains: Sportsmaster Clones
Dr Anatol Mykros
Ellina Mykros
Ultra-Humanite (next in JSA Secret Files #2)


The women of the JSA are having a training session on Paradise Island, which is interrupted when Nemesis is washed ashore. When she wakes up, she almost instantly assumes that the JSA are agents of her father and the Council, but is soon persuaded otherwise. She tells them that the Council originally intended to be a force for good, but lost their way, cloning an army from Paul Kirk, the second Manhunter, to do their bidding, though the real Kirk managed to shut them down. However, they have recently resurfaced, using a new army cloned from Golden Age villain Crusher Crock, the Sportsmaster. She was trained to lead them, but rebelled, and wants to liberate her sister, too.

Nemesis leads the JSA on an attack on a cloning facility housed in what was thought to be an abandoned nuclear silo, though it certainly seems occupied now. Black Canary and Hawkgirl, with the help of Oracle via radio, attempt to disable the missile they find there, while the others take on the newly-created clones. They are faced with Ellina, Nemesis' sister, who reveals that Soseh's costume was bugged - Nemesis is forced to kill her. As the heroes escape the destructing facility, they lose touch with Nemesis, but assume (correctly) that she has survived.

Discovering his daughter's desertion, and other daughter's death, Dr Mykros considers unleashing 'the American', but is persuaded otherwise by his ally: long-time JSA foe, the Ultra-Humanite.

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