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Unofficial IndexMARTIAN MANHUNTER Vol. 2
Martian Manhunter Vol. 2 #15
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February 2000 [$1.99]

Cover Credits: Tom Mandrake (pencils, inks; signed)

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Story: "Rings of Saturn, Episode Three" (22 Pages)


John Ostrander (plot, script)
Tom Mandrake (pencils, inks)
Bill Oakley (letters)
Carla Feeny (colors)
Heroic Age (color separations)
Peter Tomasi (edits)

Feature Character:

Martian Manhunter

Supporting Character:

Princess Cha'rissa

Guest Star:



Cabal (also as Commander Jogarr, Queen Tareesha, Johm, Prelate Balik, and Commander Synn)
Captain Destiny
the Space Pirates of the Kharma

Other Character:

Captain Kh'arr


J'onn is caught in a firefight between various space-faring vessels, and is only able to save the pirate ship on which he is being held prisoner by merging to a degree with its controls before broadcasting an intense telepathic message to all those in the surrounding area. The pirates are incarcerated and Jemm, J'onn and Ch'arissa make their way to Saturn. However, Jemm can sense that Ch'arissa, who is to marry him, does not truly love him, although he is unaware that it is the Martian Manhunter to whom she has given her heart.

J'onn, suspecting that Cabal, the being who organised the attacks on Jemm and Ch'arissa is connected to someone high up in the Saturnian council, interrupts a meeting to reveal that the pirate captain knows information about the nature of Cabal. Sure enough, Cabal comes to eradicate Destine, but J'onn has disguised himself as the pirate captain in order to lead the person or persons who make up the being into a trap. Unfortunately, he is the one who comes off worse in the engagement, as Cabal separates his mind and his body, leaving him immaterial as it continues with its plans.

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1:Rings of Saturn, Episode Three

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