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Unofficial IndexPOWER OF SHAZAM
Power of Shazam #14
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April 1996 [$1.75]

Cover Credits: Jerry Ordway (cover painter; signed)

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Story: "Chain Lightning" (22 Pages)


Jerry Ordway (plot, script)
Gil Kane (pencils)
Mike Manley (inks)
John Costanza (letters)
Glenn Whitmore (colors)
Mike Carlin (edits)

Feature Characters:

Captain Marvel, Jr.
Captain Marvel (last in Green Lantern Vol. 3 #72)

Supporting Characters:

Tawky Tawny
Dudley H. Dudley (both last in issue #12)


Mister Mind
Ebenezer Batson

Guest Appearance:

Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner; in between Green Lantern Vol. 3 #72 and #73)

Other Characters:

Chain Lightning (first post-Crisis appearance; next in issue #19)
Smitty (a Fawcett City police officer)
Rusty (a New York police officer)

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1:Chain Lightning

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