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Adventures of Superman #638
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May 2005 [$2.50]

Cover Credits: Carlos Meglia (art; signed)

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Story: "The Road to Ruin: Narrative Interruptus Tertiarus" (22 Pages)


Greg Rucka (plot, script)
Matthew Clark (pencils)
Andy Lanning (inks)
Tanya and Richard Horie (colors)
Pat Brosseau (letters)
Tom Palmer Jr. (associate edits)
Eddie Berganza (edits)

Feature Character:


Guest Star:

Mister Mxyzptlk

Supporting Character:

Lois Lane (next in Action Comics #826)

Comment: Continued directly from the previous issue


Lois says that she thinks she and Clark should have a baby. As if on cue, a wail comes from the bedroom, and there they find a baby girl in the arms of Mister Mxyptlk, who has granted their wish in the form of Lara Lane-Kent. He shows them how this child could grow up, adored by Superman's fellow heroes and eventually growing into her heroic legacy. He shows them a possible future Luthor as well. When they ask him why he's shown them this, he says it's because they must have hope in the future. Hope and love will bring them through the dark times ahead. He and the baby disappear, but he promises to be back...

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1:The Road to Ruin: Narrative Interruptus Tertiarus

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