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Below is the definitive list of appearances of Johnny Quick in chronological order. Flashback sequences or story entries will be followed by a [Flashback] note. Stories that for some reason are no longer part of current continuity will have a comment saying this in a note following the entry.

Follow the links for a complete index of the issue, including story and creator info as well as full character chronology and in some cases story synopses.

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Johnny Quick Chronology

More Fun Comics #71 (September 1941): "The Riddle of the Crying Clown"
More Fun Comics #72 (October 1941): "Mystery of the Music Murders"
More Fun Comics #73/4 (November 1941): "The Black Knight"
More Fun Comics #74/5 (December 1941): "Dr. Clever"
More Fun Comics #75/5 (January 1942): "The Man of a Million Murders"
More Fun Comics #76/5 (February 1942): "Adventure of the Human Streak"
More Fun Comics #77/5 (March 1942): "The Wizard of Weapons"
More Fun Comics #78/5 (April 1942): "Death's Dividends"
More Fun Comics #79/5 (May 1942): "Mr. Meek Makes Haste"
More Fun Comics #80/5 (June 1942): "Adventure of the Vanished Voice"
Justice League of America #193/2 (August 1981): "The All-Star Squadron" [As John Chambers]
All-Star Squadron #1 (September 1981): "The World on Fire"
All-Star Squadron #2 (October 1981): "The Tyrant Out of Time"
All-Star Squadron #3 (November 1981): "The Dooms of Dark December"
All-Star Squadron #4 (December 1981): "Day of the Dragon King"
All-Star Squadron #5 (January 1982): "Never Step On A Feathered Serpent"
All-Star Squadron #6 (February 1982): "Mayhem in the Mile-High City"
All-Star Squadron #7 (March 1982): "Carnage for Christmas"
All-Star Squadron #8 (April 1982): "Afternoon of the Assassins"
All-Star Squadron #9 (May 1982): "Should Old Acquaintance Be Destroyed..."
All-Star Squadron #10 (June 1982): "If an Eye Offend Thee..."
All-Star Squadron #11 (July 1982): "Star-Smasher's Secret"
All-Star Squadron #12 (August 1982): "Doomsday Begins at Dawn"
All-Star Squadron #13 (September 1982): "One Day, During the War"
Justice League of America #207 (October 1982): "Crisis on Earth Prime, Book One: Crisis Times Three"
All-Star Squadron #14 (October 1982): "Crisis on Earth Prime, Book Two: The 'Mystery Men' of October"
Justice League of America #208 (November 1982): "Crisis on Earth Prime, Book Three: The Bomb-Blast Heard 'Round the World!"
All-Star Squadron #15 (November 1982): "Crisis on Earth Prime, Book Four: Master of Worlds and Time"
Justice League of America #209 (December 1982): "Crisis on Earth Prime, Book Five: Let Old Acquaintances Be Forgot..."
More Fun Comics #81/5 (July 1942): "Code for Conspirators"
All-Star Squadron #16 (December 1982): "The Magnetic Murderer"
All-Star Squadron #17 (January 1983): "To Slay the Body Electric"
More Fun Comics #82/5 (August 1942): "Letters in the Sky"
All-Star Squadron #18 (February 1983): "Vengeance from Valhalla"
All-Star Squadron #19 (March 1983): "Death Considered As a State of Mind"
All-Star Squadron #20 (April 1983): "For the Dark Things Cannot Stand the Light"
All-Star Squadron #21 (May 1983): "A Tale of Three Citadels"
All-Star Squadron #22 (June 1983): "The Powerstone Corrupts Absolutely"
All-Star Squadron #23 (July 1983): "When Fate Takes Thy Measure"
All-Star Squadron #24 (August 1983): "The Man Who'll Know Too Much"
All-Star Squadron #26 (October 1983): "Talons Across Time"
All-Star Squadron Annual #2 (1983): "The Ultra War"
All-Star Squadron #27 (November 1983): "A Spectre is Haunting the Multiverse"
More Fun Comics #83/5 (September 1942): "Mercury Messenger Service"
All-Star Squadron #31 (March 1984): "Uncle Sam Wants You"
All-Star Squadron #32 (April 1984): "Crisis on Earth-X! A Prequel"
All-Star Squadron #33 (May 1984): "The Battle of Santa Barbara--Times Two"
All-Star Squadron #34 (June 1984): "The Wrath of Tsunami"
All-Star Squadron #35 (July 1984): "That Earths May Live"
All-Star Squadron #38 (October 1984): "Detroit is Dynamite"
All-Star Squadron #39 (November 1984): "Nobody Gets Out of Paradise Valley Alive"
All-Star Squadron #40 (December 1984): "The Rise and Fall of the Phantom Empire"
All-Star Squadron #41 (January 1985): "Catch a Falling Starman"
All-Star Squadron #42 (February 1985): "Oh, Say, Can't You See?"
All-Star Squadron #44 (April 1985): "Night and Fog"
All-Star Squadron #45 (May 1985): "Give Me Liberty, Give Me Death"
All-Star Squadron #46 (June 1985): "Philadelphia, It Tolls For Thee"
More Fun Comics #84/5 (October 1942): "Adventure of the One Man Movie"
All-Star Squadron #50 (October 1985): "Crisis Point"
All-Star Squadron #51 (November 1985): "Monster Society of Evil"
All-Star Squadron #52 (December 1985): "From Fear to Eternity"
All-Star Squadron #53 (January 1986): "Worlds in Turmoil" [Appearance same as Crisis on Infinite Earths #5]
All-Star Squadron #54 (February 1986): "The Crisis Comes to 1942 (and Vice Versa)"
Crisis on Infinite Earths #6 (September 1985): "3 Earths! 3 Deaths!"
All-Star Squadron #57 (May 1986): "Kaleidoscope"
All-Star Squadron #58 (June 1986): "I Sing the Body Electric"
All-Star Squadron #59 (July 1986): "Out of the Ashes... Mekanique"
All-Star Squadron #60 (August 1986): "The End of the Beginning!"
Young All-Stars #3 (August 1987): "A Call to Arms"
Young All-Stars #9 (February 1988): "You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Souls"
More Fun Comics #85/5 (November 1942): "The Jest of Jason Biltwell"
More Fun Comics #86/5 (December 1942): "400 Years in a Day"
More Fun Comics #87/5 (January 1943): "The Luck of Jabez Ritcer"
More Fun Comics #88/4 (February 1943): "Tubby Watts, Hero"
More Fun Comics #89/4 (March 1943): "Prescription for Plunder"
More Fun Comics #90/4 (April 1943): "The Sting of the Hornet Fleet"
More Fun Comics #91/4 (May-June 1943): "Mystery of the Missing Fat Man"
More Fun Comics #92/4 (July-August 1943): "Hits, Runs, and Errors"
More Fun Comics #93/4 (September-October 1943): "Adventure of the Forty-Foot Shelf"
More Fun Comics #94/4 (November-December 1943): "Tubby Takes a Flyer"
More Fun Comics #95/4 (January-February 1944): "The Scoop That Was Thirty Years Too Late"
More Fun Comics #96/2 (March-April 1944): "T. Watts, Miracle Man"
More Fun Comics #97/2 (May-June 1944): "Trouble at Forty Below"
More Fun Comics #98/3 (July-August 1944): "Tall, Slim and Handsome"
More Fun Comics #99/5 (September-October 1944): "Models for Crime"
More Fun Comics #100 (November-December 1944): "Tubby Strikes It Rich"
More Fun Comics #101/4 (January-February 1945): "An Investment in Happiness"
More Fun Comics #102/3 (March-April 1945): "The Bird and Bee Bandits"
More Fun Comics #103/3 (May-June 1945): "Reflected Glory"
More Fun Comics #104/3 (July-August 1945): "The Missing Musicians"
More Fun Comics #105/3 (September-October 1945): "Hearse for Hoodlums"
More Fun Comics #106/4 (November-December 1945): "The Outlaw's Outing"
More Fun Comics #107/3 (January-February 1946): "Vacation with Double Pay"
Adventure Comics #103 (April 1946): "The Curious Cargo of the Bonnie Bess"
Adventure Comics #104 (May 1946): "Mr. Bee Goes to Town"
Adventure Comics #105 (June 1946): "Tubby Reduces"
Adventure Comics #106 (July 1946): "The Shipwrecked Romance"
Adventure Comics #107 (August 1946): "The Nightmare of Nicholas Norwich"
Adventure Comics #108 (September 1946): "Ghosts in Armor"
Adventure Comics #109 (October 1946): "Methuselah Manor"
Adventure Comics #110 (November 1946): "The Quick-Change Crimes"
Adventure Comics #111 (December 1946): "The Man Who Hated Speed"
Adventure Comics #112 (January 1947): "The Menace of Mercury"
Adventure Comics #113 (February 1947): "The Proof of Perpetual Motion"
Adventure Comics #114 (March 1947): "What's Past is -- Present"
Adventure Comics #115 (April 1947): "Tubby Watts, Cameraman"
Adventure Comics #116 (May 1947): "The Sultan of Flatbush Atoll"
Adventure Comics #117 (June 1947): "The Man Who Wore Ten Hats"
Adventure Comics #118 (July 1947): "Johnny Quick -- Bus Boy"
Adventure Comics #119 (August 1947): "The Scourge of Speed"
Adventure Comics #120 (September 1947): "The March of Crime"
Adventure Comics #121 (October 1947): "The Ninth Wonder of the World"
Adventure Comics #122 (November 1947): "The Speed Collector"
Adventure Comics #123 (December 1947): "The Adventure of the Antelope Boy"
Adventure Comics #124 (January 1948): "A Modern Cinderella"
Adventure Comics #125 (February 1948): "The Roamin' Roman"
Adventure Comics #126 (March 1948): "Tubby Watts, Athlete"
Adventure Comics #127 (April 1948): "Mayhem in the Meal-o-Mat"
Adventure Comics #128 (May 1948): "The Miracle Farmer"
Adventure Comics #129 (June 1948): "The Slowpoke Crimes"
Adventure Comics #130 (July 1948): "The Nimble Names Crimes"
Adventure Comics #131 (August 1948): "A Crime a Minute"
Adventure Comics #132 (September 1948): "The Phantom Formula"
Adventure Comics #133 (October 1948): "Concert of Crimes"
Adventure Comics #134 (November 1948): "Johnny Quick in the Future"
Adventure Comics #135 (December 1948): "The Showdown of Johnny Quick"
Adventure Comics #136 (January 1949): "Johnny Quick for a Day"
Adventure Comics #137 (February 1949): "Johnny Quick Makes History"
Adventure Comics #138 (March 1949): "The Johnny Quick Shave"
Adventure Comics #139 (April 1949): "The Film of the Future"
Adventure Comics #140 (May 1949): "The Man Who Hated Water"
Adventure Comics #141 (June 1949): "The Candid Camera Crimes"
Adventure Comics #142 (July 1949): "The Duel of Speed"
Adventure Comics #143 (August 1949): "The Runaway Formula"
Adventure Comics #144 (September 1949): "The Day That Was Five Years Long"
Adventure Comics #145 (October 1949): "My Kingdom for a Picture"
Adventure Comics #146 (November 1949): "Johnny Quick's Super-Search"
Adventure Comics #147 (December 1949): "The Speed Crimes"
Adventure Comics #148 (January 1950): "The Treasure of the Conquistadores"
Adventure Comics #149 (February 1950): "The Search of the Century"
Adventure Comics #150 (March 1950): "The Spectre's Magic Formula"
Adventure Comics #151 (April 1950): "The Lazy Names Crimes"
Adventure Comics #152 (May 1950): "The Doomed Safari"
Adventure Comics #153 (June 1950): "Case of the Lucky Loser"
Adventure Comics #154 (July 1950): "The Newsreel Crimes"
Adventure Comics #155 (August 1950): "Robinson Crusoe, 20th Century"
Adventure Comics #156 (September 1950): "The Menu of Menace"
Adventure Comics #157 (October 1950): "The Formula That Failed"
Adventure Comics #158 (November 1950): "Sheriff Johnny Quick"
Adventure Comics #159 (December 1950): "The Testing of Johnny Quick"
Adventure Comics #160 (January 1951): "Quick Service for Johnny Quick"
Adventure Comics #161 (February 1951): "Caliph Tubby and Genie Quick"
Adventure Comics #162 (March 1951): "The Slow and Easy Club"
Adventure Comics #163 (April 1951): "The Secret of the Big Eye"
Adventure Comics #164 (May 1951): "The Battle of the Formulas"
Adventure Comics #165 (June 1951): "The Warrior of the Lightning Flash"
Adventure Comics #166 (July 1951): "Tubby, the Terrible Titan"
Adventure Comics #167 (August 1951): "The Super-Speed Swindles"
Adventure Comics #168 (September 1951): "Tubby, King of Comedy"
Adventure Comics #169 (October 1951): "Johnny Quick's New Assistant"
Adventure Comics #170 (November 1951): "The Bravest Cowards in the World"
Adventure Comics #171 (December 1951): "Slim Watts and Tubby Quick"
Adventure Comics #172 (January 1952): "Johnny Slow"
Adventure Comics #173 (February 1952): "A Super-Spending Spree"
Adventure Comics #174 (March 1952): "Tubby Watts, Efficiency Expert"
Adventure Comics #175 (April 1952): "The Man with the Magic Fingers"
Adventure Comics #176 (May 1952): "A Totem Pole for Tubby!"
Adventure Comics #177 (June 1952): "Formulas from Space"
Adventure Comics #178 (July 1952): "Johnny Quick Meets Deadshot Dudley"
Adventure Comics #179 (August 1952): "The Modern Paul Bunyan"
Adventure Comics #180 (September 1952): "Johnny Quick's Outlaw Double"
Adventure Comics #181 (October 1952): "Joanie Swift, Queen of Speed"
Adventure Comics #182 (November 1952): "Johnny Quick, Ringmaster"
Adventure Comics #183 (December 1952): "The Whirlwind Vote-Getter"
Adventure Comics #184 (January 1953): "The Fastest Movie Ever Made"
Adventure Comics #185 (February 1953): "The Santa Claus Who Hated Christmas"
Adventure Comics #186 (March 1953): "Tubby Watts, King of Food"
Adventure Comics #187 (April 1953): "The Wizard of Westerly"
Adventure Comics #188 (May 1953): "The Man Who Outsped Johnny Quick"
Adventure Comics #189 (June 1953): "Too Many Speed Kings"
Adventure Comics #190 (July 1953): "Stand-in for 100 Convicts"
Adventure Comics #191 (August 1953): "The Impossible Deliveries"
Adventure Comics #192 (September 1953): "X Marks Tubby Watts"
Adventure Comics #193 (October 1953): "Thunderbolts on Mount Olympus"
Adventure Comics #194 (November 1953): "The Treasure of the Lost City"
Adventure Comics #195 (December 1953): "Prof. Watts' Problem Pupils"
Adventure Comics #196 (January 1954): "Johnny Quick, Traffic Cop"
Adventure Comics #197 (February 1954): "The Second Fastest Man"
Adventure Comics #198 (March 1954): "The Mechanical Fortune Teller"
Adventure Comics #199 (April 1954): "The Pirate Puzzle"
Adventure Comics #200 (May 1954): "The Human Bird"
Adventure Comics #201 (June 1954): "The 'Go Slow' Club"
Adventure Comics #202 (July 1954): "The Human Hot-Rodders"
Adventure Comics #203 (August 1954): "The Candid Camera Crime"
Adventure Comics #204 (September 1954): "Johnny Quick, King of Comedy"
Adventure Comics #206 (November 1954): "The Junior Newsreelers"
Adventure Comics #207/2 (December 1954): "The Courtship of Tubby Watts"
Flash Vol. 2 #109 (January 1996): "Dead Heat, Second Lap: A Swiftly Tilting Planet" [Flashback]
Justice Society of America Vol. 2 #8 (March 1993): "Whispering Death"
Flash Vol. 2 #96 (December 1994): "Terminal Velocity, Mach 2: All the Wrong Moves"
Flash Vol. 2 #97 (January 1995): "Terminal Velocity, Mach 3: The Other Side of Light"
Flash Vol. 2 #98 (February 1995): "Terminal Velocity, Mach 4: Hit and Run"
Flash Vol. 2 #108 (December 1995): "Dead Heat, First Lap: Flatfooted"
Impulse #11 (February 1996): "Dead Heat, Fifth Lap: Breaking the Barrier"
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