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Below is the definitive list of appearances of Mister Scarlet in chronological order. Flashback sequences or story entries will be followed by a [Flashback] note. Stories that for some reason are no longer part of current continuity will have a comment saying this in a note following the entry.

Follow the links for a complete index of the issue, including story and creator info as well as full character chronology and in some cases story synopses.

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Mister Scarlet Chronology

Wow Comics #1 (winter 1940): [The Coming of Mr. Scarlet]
America's Greatest Comics #1 (March 1941): "The Death Battalion"
Wow Comics #2 (summer 1941): "Melodious Death"
Wow Comics #2/2 (summer 1941): "Mr. Scarlet Meets the Ghost"
Wow Comics #2/3 (summer 1941): "The Horned Hood"
Wow Comics #3 (fall 1941): "The Mummy Ray"
Wow Comics #3/2 (fall 1941): "The Black Clown"
Wow Comics #3/3 (fall 1941): "The Laughing Skull"
Wow Comics #4 (winter 1941): "Mr. Hyde"
Wow Comics #4/2 (winter 1941): "The Hummer"
Wow Comics #4/3 (winter 1941): "Mr. Scarlet Meets Bluebeard"
America's Greatest Comics #2 (February 11, 1942): "Crimes for a Penny"
Wow Comics #5 (spring 1942): "The Moon Torchman"
Wow Comics #5/2 (spring 1942): "The Boss"
Wow Comics #5/3 (spring 1942): "The Fire Fiend"
America's Greatest Comics #3 (May 13, 1942): "The Baffling Morto"
Wow Comics #6 (July 15, 1942): "The Voice"
Wow Comics #6 (July 15, 1942): "Murder Without Clues"
America's Greatest Comics #4 (August 12, 1942): "The Crime College"
Wow Comics #7 (October 14, 1942): "The Mask of the Circus"
Wow Comics #7 (October 14, 1942): "The Black Sphinx"
Wow Comics #8 (December 9, 1942): "The Gangsters from the Grave"
Wow Comics #8 (December 9, 1942): "Mr. Scarlet Hooks the Hook"
America's Greatest Comics #5 (December 16, 1942): "The Phantom of Marston Manor"
Wow Comics #9 (January 6, 1943): "Make-Believe Mastermind"
Wow Comics #10 (February 10, 1943)
America's Greatest Comics #6 (February 17, 1943): "The Case of the Crime Derby"
Wow Comics #11 (March 10, 1943): "Adventure of the Red-Hot Dollar"
America's Greatest Comics #7 (spring 1943): "The Riddle of the Runaway Room"
Wow Comics #12 (April 7, 1943): "Mr. Scarlet and Pinky Fight Nobody"
Wow Comics #13 (May 7, 1943): "The Enigma of the Needle in the Haystack"
Wow Comics #14 (June 9, 1943): "The House of 1,000 Rooms"
Wow Comics #15 (July 1943): "Adventure of the Red-Hot Dollar"
Wow Comics #16 (August 1943): "Crooks for a Day"
Wow Comics #17 (September 1943): "The Golden Touch"
Wow Comics #18 (October 1943): "The Mad Drama of the Hunted Hunter"
Wow Comics #19 (November 1943): "The Wolf-Men of the West"
Wow Comics #20 (December 1943): "The Germ-Proof Vest"
Wow Comics #21 (January 1944): "Out for Lunch - With Danger"
Wow Comics #22 (February 1944): "Mr. Scarlet Meets His Ghost"
Wow Comics #23 (March 1944): "The Vanishing Train"
Wow Comics #24 (April 1944): "Meet the Homesick Hill-Billys"
Wow Comics #25 (May 1944): "The Maniac of the Mine"
Wow Comics #26 (June 1944)
Wow Comics #27 (July 1944): "Meet the Haunted Horror"
Wow Comics #28 (August 1944): "The Modern Day Robinhood, Mr. Green"
Wow Comics #29 (September 1944)
Wow Comics #30 (October 1944)
Wow Comics #31 (November 1944): [Dr. Promise]
Wow Comics #32 (January 1945)
Wow Comics #33 (February 1945)
Wow Comics #34 (March 1945): "Pop! Goes the Measles"
Wow Comics #35 (April 1945): "Music of Madness"
Wow Comics #36 (May 1945): [Incarno]
Wow Comics #37 (July 1945): "Drawings of Death"
Wow Comics #38 (September-October 1945): "Jim Diamond Wanted for Murder"
Wow Comics #39 (November-December 1945): "The Perilous Packages"
Wow Comics #40 (January 1946): "All the World's a Stage"
Wow Comics #41 (February 1946): "Dance Marathon of Death"
Wow Comics #42 (April 1946): "Color Crimes"
Wow Comics #43 (May 1946): "Murder by Magic"
Wow Comics #44 (June 1946): "Alarm a Firebug"
Wow Comics #45 (July 1946): "The Crimson Claw"
Wow Comics #45 (July 1946): "The Plastic Rolling Pin"
Wow Comics #46 (August 1946): "Portrait of Death"
Wow Comics #46 (August 1946): "The Mustering-Out Menace"
Wow Comics #47 (September 1946): "Spirit of Things"
Wow Comics #47 (September 1946): "The Elephant Who Could Spell"
Wow Comics #48 (October 1946): "Tied In Knots"
Wow Comics #48 (October 1946): "Pact of Death"
Wow Comics #49 (November 1946): "Panic on the Silver Screen"
Wow Comics #49 (November 1946): "The Bolt of Doom"
Wow Comics #50 (December 1946): "The Case of the Impregnable Vault"
Wow Comics #51 (February 1947): "The Loot of Christopher Munden"
Wow Comics #52 (March 1947): "The Phantom of the Fog"
Wow Comics #53 (April 1947): "Murder in the Tall Timbers"
Wow Comics #54 (May 1947): "The Fly Man"
Wow Comics #55 (June 1947): "The Crime Encyclopedia"
Wow Comics #56 (July 1947): "Win"
Wow Comics #57 (August 1947): "The Lady Killer"
Wow Comics #58 (September 1947): "Spectre of Death"
Wow Comics #59 (October 1947): "Shanghaied"
Wow Comics #60 (November 1947)
Wow Comics #61 (December 1947)
Wow Comics #62 (January 1948): "Formula for Death"
Wow Comics #63 (February 1948): "Bloated Death"
Wow Comics #64 (March 1948): "That's the Spirit"
Wow Comics #65 (April 1948): "Where There's a Will"
Wow Comics #66 (May 1948): "The Vanishing Corpse"
Wow Comics #67 (June 1948): "The Watchmen"
Wow Comics #68 (July 1948): "The Gargoyle"
Wow Comics #69 (August 1948): "Jewel of the Totem"
Power of Shazam! #12 (February 1996): "End Game" [Flashback]
Justice League of America #135 (October 1976): "Crisis in Eternity!"
Justice League of America #136 (November 1976): "Crisis on Earth-S"
Justice League of America #137 (December 1976): "Crisis in Tomorrow!"
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