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 Created by Dave Gibbons, Patrick Gleason & Tom Nguyen


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    Occupation: Green Lantern
    Marital Status: Unknown
    Known Relatives: None
    Group Affiliation: Green Lantern Corps
    Homeworld: Apiaton
    Sector: 2261
    Sector Partner: Mogo
    Height: Unknown
    Weight: Unknown
    Eyes: Yellow
    Hair: None
    First Appearance: Green Lantern Corps Vol. 2 #12 (July 2007): "Fugitive"


    Native of the planet Apiaton, Bzzd resembles a flying insect from Earth, and it can be assumed his homeworld is dominated by insect life. Though his diminutive size might lead some to discount his effectiveness as a Green Lantern, Bzzd is a formidable ring wielder. Bzzd is the partner of Mogo, the planet form Green Lantern. The two Lanterns protect and serve Space Sector 2261.

    Bzzd was dealing with space pirates when he was contacted by Salakk of Slyggia to assist Green Lanterns Vath Sarn and Isamot Kol. The Lanterns of Sector 2682 were in pursuit of Honor Guard Lantern Guy Gardner of Earth. Gardner was suspected of the murder of Green Lanterns Quond and Tanakata Z of Space Sector 2684. With his dying breath, Tanakata Z had implicated Gardner in the attack on him and Quond. Mogo had reported Gardner was in his forests and he would hold the fugitive until additional lanterns could assist. Gardner had gone to Mogo to gather evidence about the late Tanakata Z's mental state, believing Mogo was brainwashing visiting lanterns.
    [Green Lantern Corps Vol. 2 #12]

    Bzzd and the 2682 Lanterns attempted to apprehend Gardner, until Isamot Kol realized Gardner might be correct in his suspicions. Further investigation showed the "glowing insects" that swarmed Gardner in Mogo's forests were actually fungal spores. Once Soranik Natu of Korguar arrived, the five lanterns went deep into Mogo's forests to locate and destroy the mother spore that had infected Mogo. They were hampered by the arrival of Kilowog, who had been brainwashed during his last visit to Mogo and now sought to kill his fellow lanterns.

    Vath Sarn and Isamot Kol could not hold off Kilowog for long, Soranik Natu and Guy Gardner held him at bay while Bzzd stung him. Bzzd's venom knocked out Kilowog, allowing Natu to excise the infection which had gone deep in his brain. It removed itself forcefully. Though it had lost Kilowog, before it was dispersed it claimed Mogo was now under its control. The lanterns sought to prevent the fungus from reaching Mogo's core, but the planet Green Lantern had made plans. Mogo had moved his orbit into the path of an asteroid. The resulting impact burned out the infection, right down to the bedrock. The destruction of the central mass had cut the neural energy supply to the individual infestations affecting Kilowog, the Green Man and others. Bzzd opted to stay on Mogo and protect his partner until Mogo had recovered from his injuries. Though it has not been explicitly stated, the fungus that had sought control over Mogo and a number of Green Lanterns is theorized to be the sentient bio-virus, Despotellis of the Sinestro Corps.
    [Green Lantern Corps Vol. 2 #13]

    Bzzd soon found himself in the midst of battle when the Sinestro Corps sought to eliminate Mogo. Stel and the Green Man had arrived on Mogo for assistance but soon found they were fighting against over one thousand yellow ring wielders. Their odds of survival improved when a larger force of Green Lanterns arrived, but they were still outnumbered. The Sinestro Corps had gained a powerful new member with the inclusion of Ranx, the Sentient City. Ranx had been upgraded to planetary size and was utilizing massive gravity disruptors to burrow into Mogo's planetary crust. From there, the Children of the White Lobe were sent deep below the surface, intending to detonate themselves and destroy the massive Green Lantern.
    [Green Lantern Corps Vol. 2 #15]

    The tide of battle started to turn once the Green Lantern power rings were enabled to use lethal force. The Children of the White Lobe were unable to destroy Mogo and the Sinestro Corps was forced to pull back. On Ranx, a small group of Lanterns led by Sodam Yat eliminated the former sentient city. Victory had come at a high cost to the Green Lantern Corps, but it had only been one battle. A greater battle awaited on Earth.
    [Green Lantern Corps Vol. 2 #16]

    Bzzd, Sodam Yat, Arisia and Soranik Natu were assigned to Mount Rushmore, South Dakota to join up with other of the Green Lantern Corps. From there they moved on to New York City, the site of the Anti-Monitor's arrival on Earth. The battle was fierce, with many Lanterns losing their lives before the Sinestro Corps was defeated.
    [Green Lantern Vol. 4 #25]

    Recently, Bzzd and nine other lanterns were selected by the Guardians of the Universe to venture in the Space Sector 2828, specifically the Vega system. There, they would track down and collect the Sinestro Corps power rings that plunged into the system. Details regarding this mission are forthcoming.
    [Green Lantern Corps Vol. 2 #23-#24]



    CREATIVE TEAM (First Appearance)

  • Writer: Dave Gibbons
  • Pencillers: Patrick Gleason & Tom Nguyen
  • Inkers: Prentis Rollins & Tom Nguyen
  • Letterer: Phil Balsman
  • Colorist: Moose Baumann
  • Assistant Editor: Elizabeth V. Gehrlein
  • Editor: Peter Tomasi

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