Unofficial Biography AIR-WAVE [Lawrence "Larry" Jordan]
 Created by Mort Weisinger and Lee Harris


Personal Data

Real Name: Lawrence "Larry" Jordan
Occupation: District Attorney, Crime fighter
Known Relatives: Helen Jordan (wife); Harold Lawrence Jordan (son); Jim Jordan (cousin); Jack Jordan (nephew); Hal Jordan (nephew); Jack Jordan (nephew); Martin Jordan (brother, deceased); Jason Jordan (great-nephew); Jennifer Jordan (great-niece); Jan Jordan (great-niece)
Base of Operation: Brooklyn, New York City
Group Affiliation: All-Star Squadron
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 168 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
First Appearance: Detective Comics #60 (February 1942)

Profile written by Jim 'Zilch' Doty




  Law clerk Larry Jordan designed a belt and antenna that allowed him to tap into radio waves and used this invention to fight criminals and Axis saboteurs during World War II. Over the years, he both refined his equipment, to the point that he could ride along telephone wires and create magnetic force, and rose in the ranks of the legal profession, eventually becoming District Attorney. Several years ago, he was shot by criminals he had put away as D.A. and his son assumed his role as Air-Wave.


  While still in High School, young Larry Jordan aided police in sending a racketeer named "Snake-Eyes" Bentley to prison using a secret recording device and a receiver that detected radio waves off any smooth metallic surface. Keeping the still-imperfect device a secret, Larry one day hoped to modify the miniature sending/ receiving device and sell the patent.

  After graduating the bar, the young attorney interned at the office of the Brooklyn District Attorney. Under circumstances not yet revealed, Larry Jordan used the technology and began to fight crime as Air Wave. One of his first cases was to clear himself in the murder of the District Attorney. Using his skill and with the assistance of his pet parrot Static, Jordan cleared himself and was named to fill out the unexpired term of his late boss. Doing such a good job led Larry to be re-elected, becoming one of the youngest District Attorneys in the United States.

  Air Wave joined the newly formed All-Star Squadron, acting as a kind of ad hoch communications expert and liaison with New York's law enforcement community.

  After the War, Larry devoted more time to his law practice and his electrical research, finally retiring as Air Wave in 1948. Larry Jordon married and several years later his wife Helen gave birth to their son, Hal. Accidentally learning of his son's ability to transmute into electrical impulses, Air Wave was ready to begin to train his son when Larry Jordan was killed by an escaped convict seeking revenge on the retired D.A. Helen dressed up as Air Wave and brought the villain to justice. She kept the costume and the modified helmet which would allow young Hal to control his powers and passed it on to him when he becoame a teenager.

Powers and Weapons

  Often misleading criminals with his electronic trickery, Air Wave had several major weapons in his bag of tricks. Using a powerful microphone, he could bounce radio signals off any smooth metal surface, such as a wash tub, stainless steel sink or even a policemen's badge. His sophisticated equipment allowed him to listen in in much the same manner.

  Using a pair of specially designed, detachable skates, Air Wave could ride airborne electrical wires, such as telephone lines, trolly car cables and those used by elevated trains. Doing this, he could also recharge miniature batteries and activate a small but powerful generator that was contained in the helmet. The batteries also powered a very powerful receiver and, with proper atmospheric conditions, could receive radio signals throughout the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. After his retirement, Air Wave modified the helmet to allow his son to transmute his physical body into electrical energies, and later any form of electromagnetic radiation.

  Air Wave was aided by a large green Macaw parrot named Static. Specially trained to mimic Jordan's voice, the bird proved useful in helping maintain his dual identity. Jordan later took to wearing a false moustache, removing it when he became Air Wave.

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