Unofficial Biography ARROWETTE [Cissie King Jones]
 Created by Tom Peyer and Craig Rousseau


Personal Data

Real Name: Cissie King Jones
Occupation: High-school student and actress in "Wendy the Werewolf Stalker"
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Bonnie King (mother); Millie King (grandmother, status unknown), Bernell Jones a.k.a. Bowstring Jones (father, deceased); And some people think Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) might be her real father.
Base of Operation: Western Pennsylvania
Group Affiliation: Young Justice (former member, now honorary member)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 107 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
First Appearance: Impulse #28 (August 1997)

Profile written by Juan Arteaga

"I bet you were all only children, or felt isolated, or busy "training" and stuff. I bet none of you can lay claim to knowing what a normal teen life is supposed to be! Geez, you're so judgmental, I wanna puke!" - Arrowette, yelling at the JLA.

Quote taken from Young Justice #6 (March 1999)




  The daughter of the bow-wielding heroine Miss Arrowette (who idolised Green Arrow), Cissie only truly felt comfortable in the role of a costumed hero when working alongside other teen heroes in Young Justice. However, when her school counsellor was brutally murdered, she flipped out and almost killed the murderer in turn. In order to prevent a death from ocurring at her hands, she decided to retire from the heroic life, though she still has frequent contact with her friends from Young Justice and is a member of the American Olympic archery squad.


  It all started when Millie King bought lots of archery training stuff and decided that her daughter, Bonnie, was going to win a gold medal in the next Olympics. Too bad for Millie, Bonnie was not good enough and ended up with a bronze medal instead.

  Bonnie and Millie had a fight, and then they went their separate ways. One day she read about Green Arrow and decided that she could use her archery skills to fight crime too, so she picked up her bow and some embarrasing trick arrows including a perfume arrow. Bonnie's career as a costumed superhero was short and not very succesfull, even though she managed to hang out with Green Arrow and Speedy once or twice.

  During her completely below the radar career, she met her sidekick Bernell "Bowstring" Jones, a short time after that, she got a bad case of carpal tunnel syndrome and had to quit her superhero hobby. Having nothing better to do, she ended up marrying Bernell. And a year later, Cissie was born.

  Cissie lived a very normal childhood until her fifth year, when Bernell ate some bad shellfish and died. Bonnie received lots of money from the insurance (delivered by Hal Jordan himself, back when he worked for Evergreen insurance), and decided to use it to train Cissie and turn her into a superhero, just to live all her frustrated dream through the poor girl.

  Cissie started hunting normal crooks and thieves, but Bonnie was not happy, because she was not making big news, so she decided to capture the Spazz, some poor kid who became a monster on a field trip to Starslab. Cissie and Impulse managed to defeat Spazz, but Max Mercury was worried that Bonnie was exposing her child to danger like that, so he turned them in to child welfare. Bonnie was put in psychiatric observation and Cissie was placed in the Elias private school for girls, where she received psychiatric help from Dr. Marcy Money.

  Cissie continued her crime fighting career after, accidentally, Miss Money gave her the idea that she could hurt her mother by being a better Arrowette without her [Young Justice: Secret Files #1].

  One day, she received an anonymous tip wich led her into a trap prepared by Harm, who hurt her badly with one of her own arrows. The Super-Cycle found her and took her to the HQs of Young Justice in Happy Harbour, Rhode Island [Young Justice #4]. Cissie joined Young Justice and together they defeated Harm [Young Justice #5].

  Cissie was an active member of Young Justice, she fought along with them in many missions. All that changed when Dr. Marcy Money's boyfriend and his friend went crazy and killed the doctor. [Young Justice #15] Cissie hunted down both men and almost killed them. The only thing that saved them was a quick intervention by Superboy, who catched Cissie's arrow before it killed Dr. Money's murderer.

  Cissie entered a catatonic state, because of what she almost did. Wondergirl and Superboy helped her to snap out of it. After that, Cissie decided she no longer wanted to be a superhero, she didn't want all the responsabilities of the job.

  Cissie has managed to stay out of the costume since that day, although, she has reluctantly joined the Young Justice team in some of their adventures, like the time they visited planet Myrg.

  Even though she no longer fights crime, she is still considered an honorary member of Young Justice and often hangs out with the team.

Powers and Weapons

  Cissie King Jones has superhuman aiming skills. When she was three years old, she threw three darts at a dart board and the three darts hit the bullseye.

  She also has better than human vision, she can see things other people would need binoculars to see.

  Cissie used this ability to fight crime with her bow and trick arrows, her archery was a bit below Merlyn the magic archer's.

  Her trick arrows included the net-arrow, the cryo-arrow, and some explosive arrows. In her early days, she used her mom's embarrasing trick arrows like the perfume-arrow and the bubble-bath arrow.

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