Unofficial Biography CHASE [Cameron Chase]
 Created by D. Curtis Johnson and J.H. Williams III, and Mick Gray


Personal Data

Real Name: Cameron Chase
Occupation: DEO investigator
Known Relatives: Terry Chase (Sister), Walter Chase (Father, deceased)
Base of Operation: DEO Northeast Regional HQ, New York City
Group Affiliation: Department of Extranormal Operations
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 129 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blond
First Appearance: Batman #550 (January 1998)

Profile written by Kris Naudus

"No kidding. They all look like they're ready to sacrifice some virgins "
- Cameron Chase

Quote taken from Chase #5 (June 1998)




  A former private detective, Cameron Chase was recently recruited by the Northeastern division of the Department of Extra-normal Operations (the D.E.O.) which deals with matters pertaining to meta-humans and the supernatural. Despite her initial reservations (particularly concerning her father, who was a costumed hero murdered by one of his opponents), she has taken to the job, and is developing a level of friendship with a number of super-heroes, notably Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Firehawk and most recently the Martian Manhunter.


  Born and raised in New York City, Cameron was the eldest daughter of Walter Chase, a little known hero known as the Acrobat. While his family believed he was teaching night school, he was in reality roaming the rooftops of New York as the leader of a team called the Justice Experience.

  All this changed when Cameron was about seven years of age. A scientist named Larry Trapp lost his girlfriend Caroline Anders, caught in a public battle between the Justice Experience and their arch-enemies, the House of Pain. Trapp blamed her death on both the heroes and the villains, and decided to take his revenge on them. His first target was the Acrobat. Doctor Trap, as he was named, discovered the real name and address of the Acrobat, and ambushed Walter as the hero returned from patrol. He used a pair of steel jaws he made to rip out Walter's throat, and left the body on the kitchen floor, where it was found by Cameron. [Chase #6]

  The incident deeply scarred Cameron, and left her with a deep hatred of superbeings. Over the years, she developed an affinity toward computers, learning all the tricks to cracking into systems. Cameron attended Berkeley University in California, and she kept her college Internet account active after graduation. She stayed in California, becoming a private detective. Her experiences as a PI introduced her to Knob, a homeless man interested in the occult and supernatural. On their first case together, they assisted Klarion the Witch Boy in finding his body, held by the Cult of the Broken Circle. Klarion could have killed the two, but decided to let them continue living in case he ever needed them in the future. [Chase #5]

  Chase and Knob would encounter the cult numerous times after that, including a case involving the disappearance of Air Wave, the cousin of Green Lantern Hal Jordan. [Chase #9]

  Cameron's experiences with various superbeings brought her to the attention of the DEO, the government agency that oversees metahumans. Chase was assigned to the office in New York City, and had to move out of California to NY. While driving to the city, she was sidetracked by the DEO to handle a case in Gotham involving the Claything. While there, she met the Batman, and the two quickly disliked each other. [Batman #550]

  Chase has since been assigned to a number of cases, including one involving the Suicide Squad and the Rocket Reds [Chase #2-3]; and a babysitting job watching the Teen Titans. [Chase #4] The most noteworthy case was one where she was assigned to ascertain the true identity of the Batman. She surmised that his true identity was that of Alan Scott, but when given the opportunity to unmask the Batman, did not and so her hypothesis goes unproven. [Chase #7-8]

  Chase currently lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn; with her boyfriend Peter Rice and her sister Terry.

Powers and Weapons

  Agent Chase apparently possesses the ability to dampen the abilties of most metahumans. It serves as a defense mechanism, and has protected her on a number of cases.

  Chase is proficient in the use of a handgun, and is a skilled investigator. She is also an excellent computer hacker.

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