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Personal Data

Real Name: Daniel 'Terrible' Turpin
Aliases: Brooklyn
Occupation: Former Commando, presently head of Metropolis Special Crimes Unit
Known Relatives: Rosie (wife, deceased); Maisie (daughter); unnamed uncle (deceased)
Group Affiliation: Boy Commandos, Metropolis Special Crimes Unit
Height: 4'11" - later 5'10"
Weight: 98 lbs - later 210 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
First Appearance: (as Brooklyn): Detective Comics #64 (June 1942)
(as 'Terrible' Turpin): New Gods Vol. 1 #5 (October-November 1971)

Profile written by Jim 'Zilch' Doty




  Formerly a child hero known as 'Brooklyn' during the Second World War, Dan Turpin moved to Metropolis and joined the Special Crimes Unit, which he now runs.


  The early years of Dan Turpin are still shrouded in mystery, but it is known that he somehow made his way to England during the early days of World War II to join up with Captain Rip Carter and three other boys to form a Detached Service Unit called the Boy Commandos.

  The group was very useful in behind-the-lines missions in pre-Allied invasion Europe, and became an inspiration to millions on the home front as reports of their missions made headlines back home.

  The Boy Commandos made many enemies among the Axis, even earning the attention of one of the Reichís top terror specialists, Agent Axis.

  During the war, the gang also met up with mystery men like the Sandman and Sandy, the Guardian and the Newsboy Legion.

  After the end of the war, Captain Carter resigned his active military commission to work with Task Force X, with the boys accompanying him around the world fighting crime.

  As the years wore on, the original members of the Boy Commandos went away to school or rejoined members of their families - except for Brooklyn. At the end of the 1940s, the group was finally disbanded, as Rip rejoined the military and a now young adult Brooklyn faded into obscurity.

  The exact details are unknown, but it is believed that Brooklyn made his way to Suicide Slum, possibly seeking to use his fighting skills however he might, possibly becoming involved in criminal activities. He did meet up with Patrolman Jim Harper, formerly known to him as the Guardian, and under unknown circumstances became a police officer in Metropolis, earning the nickname 'Terrible' Turpin, for his rough manner and his 'smash first ask questions later' attitude.

  Soon after Superman's appearance in Metropolis, Kalibak, an agent of Darkseid, appeared, causing much damage hoping to draw Supermanís attention. Unfortunately for him, he met up with Terrible Turpin first. Outmatched in height, weight and weaponry, Turpin let the denizen of Apokolips know that even normal humans could be a menace.

  After nearly dying in the battle, as he laid in the hospital recuperating, Turpin was tapped to become head of a new special unit of the Police Department, a Special Crimes Unit that would deal with the unusual aspects of the newly emerging metahuman criminal population. Turning down the chance to head the Unit, he instead went to work as the special assistant to its head, Maggie Sawyer. Dan would later develop a romantic crush on Sawyer, and the two became close friends even though it would never develop farther than the friendship. After Sawyer left to join the Gotham City police department, Turpin took over as head of the Special Crimes Unit.

Powers and Weapons

  As Brooklyn, he was an active boy, later teenager who was proficient in firearms and hand-to-hand combat. He was trained in military manoeuvres and stealth and commando tactics.

  As Inspector Dan 'Terrible' Turpin, he continued his training adding, police procedure to his skills, at first highly active, but as the years wore on, he began to slow a bit. Turpin has a never-say-die attitude that carries him further than a normal man his age might. A little overweight, he would be wise to lay off the doughnuts once in a while.

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