Unofficial Biography DOCTOR FATE IV [Hector Sanders Hall]
 Created by Roy Thomas and Jerry Ordway

Doctor Fate

Personal Data

Real Name: Hector Sanders Hall
Aliases: Silver Scarab, Sandman III
Occupation: Agent of Order; Adventurer
Marital Status: Married (as Silver Scarab/Sandman); Single (as Dr. Fate)
Known Relatives: Lyta Trevor Hall (wife), Carter Hall (father), Shiera Sanders Hall (mother), Kendra Saunders (cousin), Derek Trevor (father-in-law), Joan Trevor (mother-in-law), Nestor Sanders (great-uncle; presumably deceased)
Base of Operation: Fate's Tower, an interdimensional nexus; formerly Stellar Studios, Los Angeles, California
Group Affiliation: JSA (as Dr. Fate); Infinity, Inc. (as Silver Scarab)
Height: 6'
Weight: 184 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
First Appearance: All-Star Squadron #25 (September 1983) (as the Silver Scarab); Infinity, Inc. #49 (April 1988) (as Sandman III); JSA #3 (October 1999) (as Dr. Fate IV)




  Hector Hall is the son of Carter and Shiera Hall, the original Hawkman and Hawkgirl. He was born in Cairo, Egypt, while his parents were on archaeological expedition. Unknown to the Hawks, Hath-Set had placed a curse on them in their Egyptian incarnations that would culminate which the birth of their offspring. As a result Hector was born without a soul, destined to be a vessel for the real Silver Scarab, Hath-Set's agent of vengeance.

  After Hector was born Shiera decided to retire from crimefighting, while Carter continued his career as Hawkman. However as they would both often go on archaeological expeditions they often had to leave Hector behind in the care of baby sitters. As a result Hector felt neglected by his parents and some of the only happy times he had was in the company of the other Justice Society members' progeny. When they took him to the hidden city of Feithera, home of the winged bird-people, to visit their godson Norda (the son of a winged Fietheran and a human) it only aggravated Hector further as he was not able to fly with his parents as Norda could.

  Desperately wanting to join his parents in the sky Hector began creating a suit made entirely of Nth metal combined with some solar power improvement of Hector's design shortly after he began his college studies at UCLA. A couple of years later he discovered that Lyta Trevor, his childhood friend and daughter of the Golden Age Fury, was also a student at UCLA and the two began dating. Lyta dreamed of following in her mother's footsteps and become the next Fury so when Hector showed her his armored suit that he would eventually wear as the Silver Scarab the two decided to ask their parents to sponsor them for membership in the Justice Society of America. Before doing so they invited Albert Rothstein, another of their childhood friends and the godson of the Golden Age Atom, over for christmas and try to convince him to join them in their quest. Before going to petition for membership of the Justice Society they were joined by the Hawk's godson Norda who joined them as Northwind, but all of them were eventually turned down due to their youth and lack of experience.

  Shortly after being turned down, Jade and Obsidian, the children of the Golden Age Green Lantern and the Golden Age Thorn, also turned up at the JSA meeting petitioning for membership. Seeing how the JSA wasn't about to let any of them join the six heroes left the meeting to figure out what to do next. The Star-Spangled Kid, who himself had been a young kid when he started out felt that the young heroes had been dealt a bad hand by the rest of the JSA and since he himself was about to announce that he was about to form a new team he left the JSA to ask them to join him. So along with JSA member Power Girl and Brainwave, Jr., the son of of the original Brainwave the eight heroes formed Infinity, Inc.

  Following a fight with the criminal Ultra-Humanite who exposed the Silver Scarab as Hector Hall, the Scarab publicly unmasked at Infinity, Inc.'s first press conference. At the same press conference he announced Fury was his fiancee. A side effect of revealing his own identity was for him to reveal that of his father's as well, which at first this put a further strain on their relationship.

  Hector and Lyta's happiness was to be short as Hector fell victim to the ancient Egyptian curse by Hath-Set and was taken over by the evil entity that had remained dormant inside his body since birth. Side by side with a reincarnated Hath-Set, the Scarab went up against the Infinity, Inc. and although the team eventually beat Hath-Set and destroyed the entity, it was at the cost of Hector's life. Just before dying Hector learned that Lyta was pregnant with his child.

  However, death was not to be the end the end of Hector as his consciousness had been cast into the Dreaming where he was found by Brute and Glob. Having created a dreamworld of their own hidden within the dreams of a young boy and walled off from the rest of the Dreaming they wanted to create a dream king of their own in the absence of the real dream lord Morpheus, one that they would be running and could use in a scheme to eventually assume control of the Dreaming.

  Convincing Hector that he was the heir to the role of the Sandman, guardian of the dreams of men, after his predecessor Garrett Sanford died, Hector became the unwittingly pawn of the two nightmares who would play the role of his sidekicks while molding him. From his base in the dream dimension Hector would look in on his pregnant wife Lyta and at some point he began visiting her one hour every night while she slept without exposing himself to her thinking the strain of seeing him alive might harm the baby. However, his nightly visits did not go unnoticed and he was eventually discovered and unmasked by Nuklon. Once exposed Hector told Lyta of his new role and he asked her to marry him even though he would only be able to stay out the dream dimension for one hour a day. Lyta accepted his proposal but decided to return with Hector instead. The two then got married and left for the dream dimension.

  Morpheus eventually broke free from captivity and when he learned of Brute and Glob's disappearance he set out to find them. After locating and recapturing Brute and Glob and sent their pawn Hector to the realm of the dead and returned Lyta to the world of the living.

  Once again death was not to be the end of Hector but rather a new beginning. Hector was to return to the living and fulfill his destiny. Hector's soul and consciousness was to be reincarnated and become the next person to assume the mantle of Dr. Fate. Although Mordru the Dark Lord tried to kill the newborn Hector to assume the power of Fate for himself the JSA managed to intervene and

Powers and Weapons

  As Dr. Fate, Hector Hall has all the powers at his disposal that Nabu gives him. He is presently new to the mystical arts, and has a lot to learn, but his first showdown with Mordru was a good indication Hector is no slouch.

  Before being reincarnated as the new Dr. Fate, Hector had no actual super-powers, although he was a good hand-to-hand combatant. As The Silver Scarab, he wore a suit made of "Ninth Metal". This metal was developed by his father, and improved upon by Hector. The Ninth Metal in the suit enabled him to fly and lift great weights aloft and Hector's own solar power improvements enabled him to project blasts of solar energy from his gloves.

  As Sandman, Hector lived in a place called The Dream Stream, while in it he could monitor peoples dreams. He could also project himself into the real world for one hour every twenty-four hours. He could travel through the dream stream almost instantaneously from anywhere in the world to any other place during the one hour that he could exit the stream. He had extraordinary strength and still retained the power of flight.

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