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Personal Data

Real Name: Arnold Raymond 'Iron' Munro
Occupation: Student until 1942, then adventurer; later US government agent
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Relatives: Hugo Danner (biological father, believed deceased), John Munro (father, deceased), Anna Blake Munro (mother, presumed deceased), Abednego Danner (biological grandfather, deceased), Mathilda Danner (biological grandmother, deceased), Sandra Knight-Munro (ex-wife) and two other unnamed ex-wives
Base of Operation: Formerly New York City, later Mobile, now Florida
Group Affiliation: Young All-Stars, All-Star Squadron, Argent, Bureau for Meta-Human Affairs
Height: 5'10" (later 6'1")
Weight: 162 lbs. (later 195 lbs.)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black with white streak, now mostly silver with black highlights
First Appearance: Young All-Stars #1 (June 1987)

Profile written by Jim 'Zilch' Doty




  Arn "Iron" Munro became a founding member of the Young All-Stars when he saved Dan the Dyna-Mite from being killed by a valkyrie. His powers are strength, invulnerability and heightened reflexes. After serving his country as an "All-Star", he became a shrewd and talented government operative, both alone and alongside the Phantom Lady, encountering the nefarious Baron Blitzkreig numerous times. He also occasionally acts as a super-hero when the need is dire.


  Originally, Arn 'Iron' Munro (Iron was his middle school baseball nickname) knew he was faster and stronger than any three of his classmates combined. Growing up in Indian Creek, Colorado, he was ready to leave the small town behind and seek his fortune in the world when during a date in May of 1942, he aided the young hero Dyna-Mite against some Nazi saboteurs and Gurda, the Valkyrie. Stretching his abilities to their limits, Arn found that even small arms fire could not harm him and he could leap nearly an eighth of a mile. Unable to save Dyna-Mite's partner, Arn accompanied him back to New York and found himself united along with the All-Star Squadron against Axis America and fought Ubermench, who had similar powers and abilities to his own.

  Wanting to join the Army, but unable to since he was only 17, Arn took up with several other young heroes in the (mostly) public relations oriented group The Young All-Stars. Arn resisted wearing a 'super-hero' costume (except for a brief time), and the group was later folded into the Squadron as a whole.

  Arn found out the reasons for his superior abilities after reading the diaries prepared by his true father, Hugo Danner. Danner's own father created a series of chemical additives that were administered to him in vitro, and after Hugo grew up, he roamed the world, eventually faking his death and returning to Indian Creek to father Arn with his highschool sweetheart, Anna Blake. Anna was married to John Munro at the time and kept the brief liaison from him. Leaving for the jungles of South America to create a race of supermen like himself, the now insane Hugo Danner and his 'Sons of the Dawn' were destroyed by Arn and the All-Star Squadron.

  Arn's activities from 1942 through the late 1950's are unknown, but he later joined the US government's secret Task Force X's Argent division, teaming for a time with The Phantom Lady, marrying her and fathering a child that was stolen while still in its mother's womb by Baron Blitzkrieg, a former Nazi super-soldier now working for the USSR. Arn lost contact with Sandra Knight and has been searching for her since that time. The group Argent also went underground several years later, hindering Arn's search efforts.

  Arn continued to work for the US government for a time, but he is now mostly retired, and he has been married and divorced at least two other times. In the last couple of years, he has renewed his ties to the metahuman community, aiding the Justice Society on several occasions.

Powers and Weapons

  Arnold Munro genetically gained the abilities granted to his father. His strength was several times above human average, his skin could take brutal punishment, even small arms fire would only bruise him. He could leap great distances, up to nearly an eighth of a mile. His recuperative abilities were much faster that those of normal people, but he could still be affected by normal virus and germs. His ageing seems to be much slower. Even though he is in his late seventies, he still looks like a 30 year old, except for his silver/grey hair.

  It has been surmised that due to his proclivity with wooing women that he might emit pheromones that attract women to him, or that the evolutionary imperative to mate with the most genetically fit specimen available (though this is a weak attraction at most among the intelligent species) attract women to him. He was believed to be sterile (as his father before him also believed), but this is not the case, though his ratio of liaisons to offspring leads to the conclusion that his cellular structure is also hardier than most.

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