Unofficial Biography LUCIFER MORNINGSTAR
 Created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Keith and Mike Dringenberg

Lucifer Morningstar

Personal Data

Aliases: Samael, The Lightbringer, The Devil, Atse'Hashke
First Appearance: (in a dream): Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #65 (December 1962)
(real): DC Special Series #8
(current): Sandman Vol. 2 #4 (April 1989)

Profile written by Juan Arteaga, with additions by Ola Hellsten

"I'd like to say that you're an arrogant, ungrateful son of a bitch on a permanent power trip." - Jill Presto
"Ha! excellent. Accurate on all accounts. But don't push your luck. My good humor could evaporate at any moment."
- Lucifer

Quote taken from Lucifer #8




  Also known as Morningstar and Lightbringer, formerly the angel Samael. The first rebel among the angels and the undisputed ruler of Hell for millennia. Not too long ago, the Lightbringer had gone weary of his un-life. He abdicated, cut off his wings, and abandoned Hell. Since then, Lucifer has been seen vacationing at a beach in Australia, among other things. He has also assisted Heaven with taking care of an unholy spirit, taking the assignment in exchange for an apology and a letter of passage from the Creator. These days, Lucifer is the owner of the exclusive bar called Lux, located in Los Angeles, with his mistress Mazikeen on his side. His current plans are mainly unknown, but without any doubt, there are plans of infernal proportions. Hell's ruler or not, Lucifer is still one of the mightiest beings in any world. He recently created his own Universe as opposed to his creator's.


  In the beginning there was only God, and God created the Archangels Michael and Samael, also known as Lucifer Morningstar, the bringer of light. Michael used his power to create the first matter, and Lucifer's will shaped it into suns and thus the universe was created. [Lucifer #26]

  God preordained everything in the universe, everything was already written, and everything had to follow the script. Lucifer was a wise, caring and passionate angel and ultimately that was what brought about his downfall. The caring Lucifer questioned the Presence's master plan and the fact that he had to follow the plan too, and started a rebellion. Lucifer managed to get one third of the host of heaven under his banner and stormed the Silver City. The fight didn't go to well for Lucifer, his brother Michael had too much power in him, and pushed Lucifer's army to the edges of heaven, and finally, they were banished from Heaven. [Lucifer #11]

  Around ten billion years ago after falling for an eternity they would up in the metaphysical realm that would one day become known as Hell. Realizing that it would be impossible to return Lucifer began his reign in Hell and became the undisputed Lord of Evil for ages. Though being the most powerful of demons, he rarely ventured from his throne in Dis. Lucifer ruled Hell for ten billion years, but he never liked it, he got bored, so bored he manipulated the demons who lived in Hell. He set them one against the other, let them faction, divide and plot.

  At the end of a course of events known as "American Gothic", connected to the world-shattering Crisis, a force called the Ultimate Darkness arose and merged with the Divine. This resulted in a civil war in Hell, something which ultimately made Lucifer allow it to be ruled by a Triumvirate consisting of Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, Azazel the Abomination, and himself. This Triumvirate, though, was mostly a formality and Lucifer was still more or less Hell's sole ruler.

  One day, Dream of the Endless (Morpheus) decided it was time to get his ex-girlfriend out from Hell, he was feeling a bit bad about sending her to Hell and let her alone in that place for ten thousand years. Morpheus didn't want to go to Hell; because the last time he visited the place, he embarrassed Lucifer, and Lucifer has never been very good in forgiving. But Lucifer was actually happy about Morpheus' visit, it gave him the opportunity to quite Hell. Lucifer kicked out everyone in Hell, closed down all the doors and gave the key to Morpheus, Hell no longer was the responsibility of Lucifer. Lucifer asked Morpheus to cut his wings, and Morpheus did. [Sandman Vol. 2 #21-28]

  Having walked on Earth for a short while Lucifer later settled down in the city of Los Angeles, where he opened his own piano bar called "The Lux". His girlfriend, the lilim Mazikeen, became a waitress, and Lucifer played the piano every night. For a while, this satisfied Lucifer, he no longer ruled Hell like God wanted. But it didn't last, Amenadiel of the thrones showed up, Heaven needed someone to do some dirty work, and of course, they decided to hire Lucifer.

  Lucifer had to kill the voiceless gods, forgotten deities from a time when men were not advanced enough to imagine anything better than dark clouds as deities. He accomplished his mission and killed the voiceless, and he received his reward, a letter of passage, which allowed Lucifer to leave creation and visit the void. [Sandman Presents: Lucifer #1-#3]

  Needing his wings back to navigate in the void, Lucifer visited Izanami's Hell, because Remiel (who by God's order became the next ruler of Hell and found the wings there) had sold the wings to the Japanese gods. Lucifer could not enter Izanami's realm with his powers and his immortality, so he had to leave that at the door, so to speak. Lucifer entered the house of windowless rooms, outsmarted Izanami's children, and got his wings back.

  Amenadiel took the armies of heaven under his command and attacked Lucifer, to close down the gate to the void. But Lucifer outsmarted them too, he put a monster he had recently hired on the other side to eat anyone who dared cross the gate to the void, and he also rescued his brother Michael from Sandalphon, another rebellious angel. Michael has the demiurgic power, if he dies, the power explodes and wipes out the entire multiverse. No angel dared to attack Lucifer while he carried Michael's body, and Lucifer had promised Michael, that he would kill him, which was the only way to heal Michael, because it would allow him to resurrect himself without all the scars Sandalphon gave him. Amenadiel had two choices, let Lucifer kill Michael in creation and destroy everything, or let Lucifer keep the gate and kill Michael in the void.

  Lucifer took Michael into the void and killed him, the demiurgic power created matter in the void, like it did when it created the original multiverse. Lucifer later shaped the matter into a new multiverse, creating worlds and galaxies. He then invited anyone who wanted from God's cosmos to live in his cosmos.

  Lucifer currently watches over this new cosmos, and he only has one rule. You shall not worship anything, not even Lucifer, or you die.

Powers and Weapons

  Lucifer is omnipotent, he can create his own universes on a whim, create life and create entire concepts like 'Time' from scratch.

  His power is incalculable. He stood on ground zero of the demiurgic explosion, the explosion that could wipe out a multiverse, and didn't even get a tan.

  The only thing he cannot do is create his own multiverse alone, he needs his brother Michael to do that.

  Only his brother Michael is his equal in power, and only God is superior to both of them.

  But the power Lucifer likes to use most is his brain, his devious bastardness allow him to defeat gods even when he is mortal and powerless.

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