Unofficial Biography PHANTOM LADY [Sandra Knight]
 Created by ? and Arthur Peddy

Personal Data

Real Name: Sandra Knight
Occupation: Debutante, later headmistress
Marital Status: Divorced (after 1949)
Known Relatives: David Knight (grandfather, presumed deceased), Henry Knight (father, presumed deceased), Theodore Knight (cousin, deceased), Jack Knight (second cousin), David Knight (second cousin, deceased), Theo Kyle Knight (third cousin), Arnold Raymond Munro (ex-husband), unnamed child
Base of Operation: Washington, DC
Group Affiliation: All-Star Squadron, Freedom Fighters
Height: 5'6" (now 5'3")
Weight: 128 lbs. (now 102 lbs.)
Eyes: blue
Hair: black (now grey)
First Appearance: Police Comics #1 (August 1941) [Quality]

Profile written by Jim 'Zilch' Doty




  Cousin of Ted Knight, the original Starman, Sandra Knight became a costumed hero (in the process inspiring her cousin to do the same), a member of Uncle Sam's Freedom Fighters, using a 'dark light' with which she could make herself invisible. She was sometimes criticised (most notably by Hippolyta) for the extreme skimpiness of her costume, but never let that daunt her, believing (probably rightly) that this actually served as an effective weapon, at least against male opponents.

  After the war, she married Iron Munro and worked alongside him in the O.S.S. and the Argent. The two of them had a child, who may have grown up to become Steelhawk. Unlike many other Golden Age heroes, Sandra aged reasonably normally, and currently teaches at the Université Notra Dame des Ombres, where government agents are trained. She has passed the role of the Phantom Lady over to one of her pupils there, Dee Tyler.


  Sandra Knight, the daughter of Senator Henry Knight of the Opal City Knight family, was feeling that her life as a "party girl" and a debutante was not the best way to help her fellow man or to lead her life. Accompanying her father late one night in April of 1939, she noticed two men readying their hidden pistols, aiming to assassinate her father. Using stealth and a rolled-up newspaper, she managed to stop the two without being seen. Her feeling of accomplishment and the thrill of the adventure affected her. She knew that she would join the elite group that was forming... she would become a "mystery-man".

  From listening in on her father's conferences, she knew of an eccentric scientist that was escaping from Nazi-threatened Europe. She took the scientist, Dr. Abraham Davis, and set him up in a laboratory, hoping she could benefit from his discoveries. She told her cousin, Theodore Knight, of her plans and suggested that he aid Dr. Davis also. Playing with ideas of his own, Theodore set up another lab for Dr. Davis in New York, using his ideas to later finalise his invention of the Gravity Rod and becoming Opal City's Starman.

  Using Dr. Davis discovery of a "black light" that would either temporally blind anyone in its path or if turned on the wearer, render them invisible, Sandra started to adventure as The Phantom Lady. Using her attractive figure to its fullest effect, she wore a very revealing costume. Between partying and aiding her father, The Phantom Lady became well known in Washington circles as a crime-fighter and spy-buster. Several years later, she went on to join the war-time amalgamation of mystery-men and women known as The All-Star Squadron and began adventuring with other local heroes in the splinter group called The Freedom Fighters.

  The Phantom Lady also took to teaming with other heroes, such as in 1943 with both The Spider Widow and The Raven, and with her cousin Starman in 1944, aiding her with defeating The Prairie Witch. With the end of World War II, however, her career slowed considerably.

  Not wanting to give up adventuring all together, Phantom Lady joined the post-war government operation known as Argent, who dealt with Cold War spies and super-villains. It was on one of these cases that she met her future husband, Arn "Iron" Munro. He was several years younger than she was and the marriage only lasted a year when she found out she was pregnant. On her last mission, before she could tell anybody about her pregnancy, she was captured by Baron Blitzkrieg. Using advanced technology, he took the unborn child from Sandra and left her to die in Poland. Disappearing from sight, and the searchings of Iron Munro, she went underground for several years.

  After the disappearance of the Argent group, she used her influence in the intelligence community to try and track down the Baron, while staying hidden, a real "Phantom Lady". Now retired, she became Dean of Our Lady of the Shadows, a very exclusive girls finishing school which taught among other things self-defence, arms training and espionage. She was seen recently at the memorial service of her cousin, Ted Knight, her first public appearance in nearly 30 years.

  Five years ago, however, a graduating student from Our Lady of the Shadows, Delilah "Dee" Tyler, was given the Phantom Lady costume and equipment and now adventures as The Phantom Lady, even operating in Opal City as well as Washington DC and elsewhere.

Powers and Weapons

  The Phantom Lady used her "black light ray" projected from a bracelet on her wrist. If projected outwards, it blocked the normal spectrum of light from reaching the people trapped in the beam until the beam was switched off. If directed at the wearer, she herself became invisible to the surrounding viewers. She wore special goggles witch allowed her to see in either circumstance.

  Sandra was a very good hand to hand combatant, and her revealing costume also distracted the male criminals anyway...

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