Created by Walter Simonson

Abysmal Plane.png
The Original Universe


Official Name: Abysmal Plane
Prominent Inhabitants: Clockwerx
First Appearance: Orion #15 (August 2001)
Creators: Walter Simonson


The realm known as the Abysmal Plane is the eternal realm, the center of the universe, and the home of the great world tree. It is also the abode of the lost. The overseer of the Abysmal Plane is the cosmic being known as Clockwerx – the "Overseer of the Dreamtime, Lamplighter of the Stars, and Guardian of the Cosmic Axis". For eons, he has nurtured the Great Tree and kept the cosmos running properly.

At one point, Orion of the New Gods was temporarily banned to the Abysmal Plane. There, he discovered that it had been invaded and corrupted by beings known as the Ecruos, animators of the lost. The Ecruos had imprisoned Clockwerx and infested he Great Tree, which in turn would cause the end of the universe. Orion interfered and saved the universe from destruction, after which the Great Tree bloomed for the first time in eons.

Later, the bodyless entities Despero and Johnny Sorrow encountered each other on the Abysmal Plane.