Created by Gerry Conway and Don Heck

The Original Universe


Name: Ace of Spades
Also known as: "Derek Reston"
DCU Creator(s): Derek Reston, while under the influence of Hector Hammond
First Appearance: Justice League of America #203 (June 1982): "Shuffle and Deal... with Death!"
Creators: Gerry Conway and Don Heck


A few years after the disbanding of the first two Royal Flush Gangs, a third team was formed by Hector Hammond. The Ace of this Gang was actually a robot, going under the human identity of 'Derek Reston'. The robotic Ace and its Gang has since clashed with various super-heroes, but mainly the Justice League. The Ace has been destroyed several times, but is always re-built. In later years, the robot Ace has mostly been replaced with a new human Ace named Ernie Clay, but is still activated from time to time (presumably when the human Ace is in prison or otherwise incapacitated).


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