Unofficial Action Comics Vol. 2 Index

Action Comics Vol. 2 1 (Cover A)


Cover Date: November 2011
Cover Price: $3.99
Publication Date: 2011-09-07


Cover Credits:
Art: Rags Morales (Cover A; Signed), Rags Morales (Cover C)
Pencils: Jim Lee (Cover B)
Inks: Scott Williams (Cover B)
Colors: Brad Anderson (Cover A; Signed), Alex Sinclair (Cover B)

Variant Covers:
Cover B
Cover C

Story: "Superman Versus the City of Tomorrow" (29 Pages)


StoryGrant Morrison
PencilsRags Morales
InksRick Bryant
LetteringPat Brosseau
ColorsBrad Anderson
Assistant editingWil Moss
EditingMatt Idelson

Feature Character(s):

Superman (last in flashback in Superman Vol. 3 #3)

Supporting Character(s):

Jimmy Olsen (first appearance)
Lois Lane (first appearance)
George Taylor (behind the scenes)
Mrs. Nyxly (first appearance; Clark Kent's landlady; next in issue #3)


Lex Luthor (first appearance; last in flashback in issue #4/2)
Sam Lane (first appearance; last in flashback in #4/2)
John Corben (first appearance)
Glen Glenmorgan (first appearance; next in issue #3)
Gus "Guns" Grundig (first appearance; an ex-enforcer for Glenmorgan; in between issues #0 and #10)
Vyndktvx (first appearance; next in issue #6)

Other Character(s):

Detective Blake (first appearance; a Metropolis police detective; next in issue #3)
Officer Casey (first appearance; a Metropolis police officer; next in issue #3)
Metropolis Police Department (Zoft and Martinez named)
"Streets" Bowman (first appearance; a squatter; next in issue #3)


Daily Planet


This story takes place approximately six years ago, six months after Superman made his first appearance.
Besides the two regular variants, this issue also came in a sketch variant.


Superman has been active in Metropolis for only six months, and is feared by the Metropolis Police Department and the United States Military. His actions are monitored by Lex Luthor and Sam Lane. Luthor promises Lane that he can deliver the alien by 8 P.M. Superman shows signs of vigilante behavior, threatening violence against the non-powered criminals that he faces, and ignoring the instructions of law enforcement. In his civilian guise as Clark Kent, the hero works for a rival to The Daily Planet. He has recently became "best friends" with Jimmy Olsen, according to Olsen's comments. After stopping local corrupt businessman Glen Glenmorgan, Superman encounters a runaway train. Both Jimmy and Lois Lane are aboard. In order to stop the train, Superman allows it to crash into him, rendering him unconscious at exactly 8 P.M., which Luthor implies was part of his plan to deliver Superman to the United States Military.


Additional Variant Covers