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 Unofficial All-Star Squadron Index

All-Star Squadron 9


Cover Date: May 1982
Cover Price: $0.60


Cover Credits:
Art: Joe Kubert (signed)

Story: "Should Old Acquaintance Be Destroyed..." (26 Pages)


StoryRoy Thomas, Gerry Conway
PencilsAdrian Gonzales, Don Heck
InksJerry Ordway
LetteringJohn Costanza
ColorsCarl Gafford
Associate editingMike W. Barr
EditingLen Wein

Feature Character(s):

All-Star Squadron:
Atom (Al Pratt)
Commander Steel (Hank Heywood; also in flashback following Steel, the Indestructible Man #5 and preceding last issue)
Firebrand II (Danette Reilly)
Hawkgirl (Shiera Sanders; last in All-Star Comics #11)
Hawkman (Carter Hall; last in Flash Comics #29/6)
Johnny Quick
Liberty Belle
Shining Knight


Baron Blitzkrieg (also in flashback to 1940 as "the Butcher" and origin as the Baron; next in issue #32)
Zwerg (next in ???)
Adolph Hitler (in flashback to 1940)
Heinrich Himmler (in flashback to 1940)
Nazi soldiers (in flashback to 1940)
Black Assassin (also in flashback to February 1940; dies; see Comments)
Kung (in flashback)

Other Character(s):

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Winston Churchill (also in flashback to February 1940)
Antoni Ludcek (in flashback to February, 1940; probably dies)
Mike (in flashback to February, 1940; probably dies)
Concentration camp inmates (in flashback to February, 1940; one killed in retaliation for throwing acid on the Butcher)


London, England
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Washington, DC
Tczew, Poland (in flashback to February 1940)


Main story takes place on December 31, 1941/January 1, 1942 with flashbacks to February 1940 a few months after.
The flashbacks to February 1940 in this and the last issue incorporate pages intended for the unpublished Steel, the Indestructible Man #6, but presented in Cancelled Comic Cavalcade #2. The pages were re-inked, re-lettered, and partially re-drawn and re-written.
Story continues in next issue.

Story Reprinted in:

Showcase Presents: All-Star Squadron #1 (April 2012)


Steel reveals to the All-Star Squadron, President Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill how he was taken prisoner by the Nazis and witnessed the incident that led to the creation of Baron Blitzkrieg!