The Original Universe


Official Name: Amalgam Universe
First Appearance: (first shared universe): Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man (1976)
(Amalgam universe); Marvel Versus DC #3 (April 1996)


Some time ago it was revealed that the so-called DC Universe and its other-dimensional counterpart, the Marvel Universe, are both personified by two cosmic 'brothers'. When the two beings caused an anomaly to happen, it led to the two worlds merging into one. This Amalgam was a strange mix of places, people and phenomena from the two universes, and the home for beings such as Super-Soldier, Dark Claw, Amazon, Doctor Strangefate, Speed Demon, Iron Lantern, Spider-Boy, the JLX, the X-Patrol, the Challengers of the Fantastic, Lobo the Duck, and Thanoseid. The Amalgam caused too much of a strain to the cosmos, and the heroes of two worlds worked together to part the universes again. The hero Access – native to both worlds – has since made it his duty to keep them apart.

It has been revealed that all the stories where DC and Marvel heroes appear on a 'shared Earth' are dimensional fluxes where the two universe have merged in ways similar to but not quite like the Amalgam Universe. Most recently, it happened when Krona threatened both universes but was defeated by the JLA and the Avengers.