Unofficial Angel and the Ape Vol. 3 Index

Angel and the Ape Vol. 3 1


Cover Date: October 2001
Cover Price: $2.95


Cover Credits:
Art: Arthur Adams (signed)

Story: "Model Behavior" (22 Pages)


StoryHoward Chaykin, David Tischman
ArtPhillip Bond
LetteringKen Bruzenak
ColorsKevin Somers
Color separationsDigital Chameleon
Assistant editingSteve Bunche
EditingHeidi MacDonald

Feature Character(s):

Angel O'Day (last in Guy Gardner: Warrior #29)
Sam Simeon (last in Martian Manhunter Annual Vol. 2 #2)

Supporting Character(s):

B.J. White (first appearance; Angel's and Sam's secretary)
Detective Komicz (first appearance; a police detective and admirer of Angel)

Other Character(s):

Torso Von Morso (first appearance; CEO of a Lingerie Collection)
Bambi "Dextrous" Destrowitz (first appearance; a lingerie model and sex addict; dies)
Hochi Minsky (first appearance; a nail salon owner)
Bahbi Ganoozsh first appearance; a photographer)
Saliva (first appearance; a lingerie model)
Torso's receptionist (first appearance)
Torso's dog (first appearance)
Dwight Kaywight (first appearance; a construction firm owner)
Angel (first appearance; a pizza delivery transvestite)


In this series, Sam Simeon does not talk, unlike (but not necessarily contradicting) his other post-Crisis appearances. Furthermore, Angel O'Day has yellow hair – contradicting all her previous appearances, where her hair has been white.


Angel O'Day and Sam Simeon of the O'Day & Simeon Detective Agency are asked by Torso Von Morso (CEO of the Pindar's Lingerie Collection) to investigate the case of disappeared lingerie model Bambi Dextrous. While cracking sexual jokes and occasionally losing their clothes, Angel and the Ape question suspects such as girl photographer Bahbi Ganoozsh, the model Saliva, and Bambi's ex-husband, the construction firm owner Dwight Kaywight. At the construction site, they finally find Bambi – dead inside a block of concrete. The story also introduces us to Angel and the Ape's secretary, the vulgar woman B.J., and Police Detective Komicz.