Unofficial Animal Man Vol. 2 Index

Animal Man Vol. 2 1


Cover Date: November 2011
Cover Price: $2.99
Publication Date: 2011-09-07


Cover Credits:
Art: Travel Foreman
Colors: Lovern Kindzierski

Story: "The Hunt, Part One: Warning from the Red" (20 Pages)


StoryJeff Lemire
PencilsTravel Foreman
InksDan Green, Travel Foreman
LetteringJared K. Fletcher
ColorsLovern Kindzierski
Assistant editingKate Stewart
EditingJoey Cavalieri

Feature Character(s):

Animal Man (first New 52 appearance; last in issue #0)

Supporting Character(s):

Cliff Baker (first New 52 appearance; last in issue #0)
Ellen Baker (first New 52 appearance; last in issue #0)
Maxine Baker (first New 52 appearance; last in issue #0)


Hunters Three (first appearance; last in issue #0)
Lyle Edwin (first appearance; a short order cook who has lost his daughter to cancer)

Other Character(s):

Detective Karl Krenshaw (first appearance; a twenty-year veteran of the San Diego P.D.; next in issue #3)


The story opens with a faux magazine article concerning the life of Buddy Baker from the magazine The Believer. He is a known superhero, animal activist, former stunt man, and now actor in a soon-to-be-released movie portraying a meta-fictional superhero. The article confirms that he is a hero amongst certain youth cultures, and that his image is popular on t-shirts around the country. His family relationship is portrayed, including his daughter's request for a dog. Buddy explains she cannot have a dog because if he grows too close to one animal, he loses his connection with others. He then responds to a crisis at a hospital involving Lyle Edwin. Detective Krenshaw is already at the scene. Animal Man uses his powers to stop the gunman, who is upset at the hospital because he believes they are holding his daughter. In fact, she recently died from cancer. Animal Man is shown bleeding from the eyes, with no medical explanation.

Later, he has a dream involving his daughter, Maxine Baker, who kills the remainder of their family and then tells Buddy to hide from the monsters chasing her in the dream. The monsters are the Hunters Three, who claim to represent "The Rot in The Red". When he wakes up, he finds Maxine in the back yard, she is surrounded by various dead animals apparently killed due to her latent powers. She apologizes, saying that she had only wanted a pet of her own.