Unofficial Aquaman Vol. 6 Index

Aquaman Vol. 6 4


Cover Date: May 2003
Cover Price: $2.50


Cover Credits:
Pencils: Yvel Guichet (Signed)
Inks: Mark Propst (Signed)

Story: "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" (22 Pages)


StoryRick Veitch
PencilsYvel Guichet, Joshua Hood
InksMark Propst, Sean Parsons
LetteringMichael Heisler
ColorsNathan Eyring
EditingDan Raspler

Feature Character(s):

Aquaman (next in Aquaman Secret Files 2003)

Supporting Character(s):

Sweeney (next in Aquaman Secret Files 2003)
Tempest II (last in ???; next in Aquaman Secret Files 2003)
Rodunn (next in Aquaman Secret Files 2003)
Dolphin (last in JLA/JSA Secret Files #1/2; next in issue #37)
Cerdian (last in JLA/JSA Secret Files #1/2; next in issue #37)
Mera (next in issue #32)


Hagen (next in issue #7)

Other Character(s):

Kirkuk (last in issue #2)
Skokul (first appearance; an Atlantean soldier)
Lady of the Lake


Tempest pays a visit on his old mentor Aquaman and informs him of the dire situation his family is in back in Atlantis. Unfortunately, Aquaman himself is a persona non grata in the oceans, so Tempest transfers their essences inside two fish to investigate matters. In this form, Aquaman sees Rodunn dismissed as a madman, Dolphin and Cerdian under house arrest, and Mera - supposedly in charge of Atlantis - under the influence of narcotics and sorcery. They are discovered and pursued, and even once they are returned to their bodies, things do not look good, as the Lady of the Lake informs Aquaman that his use of his watery hand as a weapon has unleashed a terrible evil.