Created by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis

The Original Universe


Occupation: Sinestro Corps soldier / drill sergeant
Homeworld: Vorn / Coristeel (see note)
Space Sector: 674
Group Affiliation(s): Sinestro Corps
Gender: Male
Eyes: Orange
Hair: None
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol. 4 #10 (May 2006): "Revenge of the Green Lanterns Part One"
Creators: Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis


A member of the Sinestro Corps. A savage carnivore, Arkillo was recruited into the Sinestro Corps due to his ability to "instill great fear" in others. Taken to Qward, Arkillo's brutal nature allowed him to quickly advanced in the ranks, becoming the Corps drill sergeant and overseeing the creation of new Qwardian rings. He was a principle combatant during the Sinestro Corps War.


One of the most brutal savages in Space Sector 674, the cannibalistic Arkillo of Vorn / Coristeel used his massive strength to dominate the species of the planet and to feed. He was selected to join the Sinestro Corps for his ability to instill great fear.

Given a yellow power ring and brought to the anti-matter universe of Qward, Arkillo became the drill sergeant and enforcer in the Sinestro Corps. It was not unheard of for Arkillo to slay a fellow member of the Corps should their performance not match his expectations.

Arkillo was also in charge of overseeing the ore mining and construction of the yellow power rings, individual power batteries, and Central Power Battery for the Sinestro Corps. The actual labor was performed by the enslaved Qwardian population. Arkillo was known to randomly kill Qwardians, to motivate the rest to work harder and faster.

Arkillo preferred direct action. After the initial attack on Oa which freed Superboy-Prime, Parallax and the Cyborg-Superman, Arkillo and other members of the Sinestro Corps struck against Green Lanterns across the stars.

At Enkafos' request, Arkillo prepared the Manhunters and the Sinestro Corps for a massive attack against the planet Green Lantern Mogo. At first resistance was light, with three Lanterns assisting Mogo. When more Green Lanterns arrived, Arkillo relished the chance to kill greater numbers.

While Enkafos coordinated Ranx the Sentient City and the Children of the White Lobe in their attempt to detonate Mogo, Arkillo led the Sinestro Corps planetside. He had already cut through a number of Green Lanterns when he challenged Green Lantern Kilowog in battle. While Kilowog was protective of the Green Lantern Corps, Arkillo saw this as a weakness as he thought all lives were expendable. The two battled on the surface of Mogo while on Ranx a small group of Green Lanterns were carrying out their mission. Ranx was destroyed and the Sinestro Corps was forced to retreat.

The entirety of the Sinestro Corps converged on Earth, the keystone of the multiverse. Arkillo and Kilowog fought once more. It was in San Diego where Kilowog dropped an aircraft carrier on Arkillo. The Sinestro Corps drill sergeant was out of the battle, Kilowog tore both ring and finger from Arkillo's hand. The Sinestro Corps was defeated in New York City, and many were taken prisoner. Green Lantern Vol. 4 #25

Arkillo was next seen on the planet Daxam, one of hundreds of members of the scattered Sinestro Corps gathered by the yellow power ring-wielding Mongul II. The two behemoths fought for control of the Sinestro Corps, but Mongul was ultimately victorious, and ripped Arkillo's tongue out. Defeated, Arkillo did not rebel but he did not want to hear the mention of Mongul's name. Arkillo wore his torn out tongue as a reminder. When Mongul's name was spoken by Wick of the Sinestro Corps, Arkillo put his fist through the robot's head. - Green Lantern Corps Vol. 2 # 33 - Green Lantern Corps Vol. 2 # 35

After a rebellion by now-super powered Daxamites, the Sinestro Corps took up headquarters on the planet Korugar. It was here that Sinestro returned and took back control of his Corps from Mongul, much to the satisfaction of Arkillo. - Green Lantern Vol. 4 #46


Arkillo possesses massive strength as well as the Sinestro Corps power ring and power battery.


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From Wizard #186 (January 2007) : The Green Lantern Corps have their big bruiser in Kilowog, so where would the Sinestro Corps be without one of their own?

"He's somebody Sinestro recruited knowing Kilowog would eventually show up," says Johns. "He's a cannibal and the drill sergeant of the Sinestro Corps. If a recruit washes out, he consumes them."

"Arkillo is a design by regular Green Lantern artist Ivan Reis, so I'll just be putting my own spin on an already very visually appealing character," confesses Van Sciver. "When Kilowog gets his hands on him, it will deserve 48 double-page splashes in a row! Hear that, Geoff?"