Created by Archie Goodwin and Dan Jurgens

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The Original Universe


Name: Armageddon 2001
Main Title: Armageddon 2001
First Appearance: Armageddon 2001 #1 (May 1991)
Creators: Archie Goodwin and Dan Jurgens


In a not-so-distant future, Matthew Ryder sought prevent the reign of the evil Monarch, who was once a hero. As Waverider, he traveled back in time to explore the possible futures of a number of heroes.


In the world of 2030, Earth was ruled by Monarch. This evil despot was once one of Earth's heroes, who, many years ago, had slain all of Earth's super-powered beings.

One man, Matthew Ryder, wanted to change history. He volunteered for an experiment to travel back to the time before Monarch's reign, under the premises that it would gain Monarch's society. But his actual agenda was to somehow locate the would-be Monarch before he turned evil.

Gaining quantum-powers from his journey through the timestream, Ryder arrived in the current as Waverider. Using his new-found ability to unveil, at a touch, a person's most probable future, he worked his way through Earth's superheroes. Finally, he found out that Monarch was originally Hawk (II) of Hawk and Dove. However, Waverider also learned that he had been the pawn of Monarch all along, and that his journey back in time had only helped ensure Monarch's creation. With the assistance from Superman and the JLI, Waverider was able to prevent his dark future, but Monarch escaped and would return to do his evil deeds.


Armageddon 2001 ran across all of the 2001 Annuals.


This event was preceded by War of the Gods and followed by Breakdowns.

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JLA in Crisis Secret Files #1 (November 1998)