Unofficial Death by Design Index

Batman: Death by Design


Cover Date: May 2012
Cover Price: $24.99
Publication Date: 2012-05-30


Cover Credits:
Art: Dave Taylor
Colors: Dave Taylor

Story: "Death by Design" (97 Pages)


StoryChip Kidd
ArtDave Taylor
LetteringJohn J. Hill
ColorsDave Taylor
Assistant editingCamilla Zhang
EditingMark Chiarello

Feature Character(s):

Batman (last/next in ???)

Supporting Character(s):

Alfred Pennyworth (last/next in ???)


Bart Loar (corrupt union president of Gotham Local 27; first appearance; also in flashback to 20 years prior)
Joker (last/next in ???)
Penguin (last/next in ???)

Other Character(s):

Cyndia Syl (an urban architecture preservationist; first appearance)
Elliot Osbourne (editor-in-chief of the Gotham Gazette; first appearance)
Richard Frank (architectural critic for the Gotham Gazette; first appearance)
'Gregor Greenside (architect of Wayne Central Station; first appearance; also in flashback to 20 years prior; dies)
Audrey Greenside (Gregor's ex-wife; first appearance; in flashback to 20 years prior)
Garnett Greenside (an architect; also takes the identity of "Exacto;" son of Gregor and Audrey; first appearance; also in flashback to 20 years prior)
Ken Roomhaus (an architect; first appearance)


Gotham City
Wayne Manor


This story takes place early in Bruce Wayne's career as Batman, prior to Harvey Dent becoming Two-Face.


In this new original graphic novel from superstar writer/designer Chip Kidd and artist Dave Taylor, Gotham City is undergoing one of the most expansive construction booms in its history. The most prestigious architects from across the globe have buildings in various phases of completion all over town. As chairman of the Gotham Landmarks Commission, Bruce Wayne has been a key part of this boom, which signals a golden age of architectural ingenuity for the city. And then, the explosions begin. All manner of design-related malfunctions-faulty crane calculations, sturdy materials suddenly collapsing, software glitches, walkways giving way and much more-cause casualties across the city. This bizarre string of seemingly random, unconnected catastrophes threaten to bring the whole construction industry down. Fingers are pointed as Batman must somehow solve the problem and find whoever is behind it all.