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Batman: Gotham Knights 42


Cover Date: July 2003
Cover Price: $2.75


Cover Credits:
Art: Brian Bolland (signed)

Story: "20 Days Less One" (22 Pages)
"The Waiting is the Hardest Part"
"Cabin Fever"
"The Old Guard(ian)"
"Digital Despair"
"To The Vector Go the Spoils..."
"Holed Up" "Atomic Bonds"
"Blank Inside"
"Chicken Soup for the Soul"
"Cheap Theatrics"
"Tension Breaker"
"Fidus Felix"
"Thinking Of You"
"Like A Thief in the Night"
"Alfred Dreams of Angels and Devils"
"Sometimes the Medicine Itself Makes the Pain"
"The Bitter Pill"


StoryScott Beatty
PencilsDavid Ross
InksJohn Floyd
LetteringBob Pinaha
ColorsNoelle Giddings
Color separationsWildstorm FX
EditingNachie Castro, Matt Idelson

Feature Character(s):

Nightwing II (last/next in ???)
Robin III
Batgirl III (last/next in ???)

Supporting Character(s):

Alfred Pennyworth
Leslie Thompkins (last/next in ???)
Black Canary II (last/next in ???)
Michael Akins (last/next in ???)
James Gordon


Riddler (last in Batman Vol. 1 #619; next in issue #47/2)

Guest Appearance(s):

Superman (last/next in ???)
Wonder Woman (last/next in ???)
Martian Manhunter (last/next in ???)
Plastic Man (last/next in ???)
Atom II (last/next in ???)
Sentinel (last/next in ???)
Bane (last/next in ???)
Aaron Langstrom (last in flashback in issue #45; next in issue #44)

Other Character(s):

Felix Desidero (last in issue #38)


The story takes place over 20 days, each of which has one or (in the cases of days 1 and 17) two pages to itself, with chapter titles for each.


The Gotham Knights deal with Alfred's illness in many different ways, each not entirely sure how to react to the situation or to each other. It transpires that he has caught a mutation of the Clench virus, carried in the guano of the bats in the cave; Batman and his crew go about finding an antidote both for Alfred (and themselves) and for the bats, to ensure there can be no repeat infection. After a little longer than a fortnight, Alfred recovers from his illness, much to everyone's pleasure.


Second Story: "Gargoyles of Gotham" (8 Pages)


StoryDean Motter
ArtDean Motter
LetteringWillie Schubert
EditingMorgan Dontanville, Michael Wright

Feature Character(s):

Bruce Wayne (also in flashback as Batman, and to his childhood)

Supporting Character(s):

James Gordon (in flashback as commissioner)

Other Character(s):

J.D. (first appearance; a Gothamite)
Philip (first appearance; a Gothamite)
Georgina Gerstner (first appearance; a photographer)
Robert (first appearance; a government agent, in flashback)
Leonard Oldman (first appearance; a sculptor)


An exhibition of artwork based on Gotham's gargoyles causes Bruce Wayne to recall various escapades involving these omnipresent features of the city's landscape.