Unofficial Batman: Orpheus Rising Index

Batman: Orpheus Rising 1


Cover Date: October 2001
Cover Price: $2.50


Cover Credits:
Pencils: Dwayne Turner
Inks: Danny Miki

Story: [No Title] (22 Pages)


StoryAlex Simmons
PencilsDwayne Turner
InksDanny Miki
LetteringKen Bruzenak
ColorsShannon Blanchard
Color separationsDigital Chameleon
EditingMichael Wright

Feature Character(s):

Batman (last in ???)
Orpheus II (Gavin King; first appearance)

Supporting Character(s):

Oracle (last in ???)
Michael Akins (last in Detective Comics #760)
Harvey Bullock (last in ???)
Robin III (last in ???; next in issue #3)
Renée Montoya (last in ???)
Crispus Allen (last in ???; next in issue #3)


Sly Tolliver (first appearance; leader of the Deacons gang; numerous other gang members, unnamed, also appear)
Rasputin (Russian drug dealer; behind the scenes)
Karl Esterhaus (first appearance; Chief of Detectives in Gotham's Mob Task Force)

Other Character(s):

Officer Raymond Albertie (first appearance; a G.C.P.D. officer; shot)
Officer Carmen Ramirez (first appearance; a G.C.P.D. officer; shot)
Patrolman William Littlefield (first appearance; a G.C.P.D. officer; shot)
Todd Simmons (first appearance; a reporter)
Nelson Soo (first appearance; a reporter)
Tracy (first appearance; a TV anchorwoman)


Racial tension is running high in Gotham, with the Police Department accused of arresting gang members solely on the basis of their ethnicity; and various members of the Department have been shot recently by an unknown assailant. Batman is investigating one of these incidents and discovers that the trail may lead to Rasputin, a Russian crime boss recently arrived in town. The Police Department is also investigating him, and when they raid one of his drug labs, they discover an unknown vigilante already mixing it up with Rasputin's men.