Unofficial Batman: The Killing Joke Index

Batman: The Killing Joke


Cover Date: 1988
Cover Price: $3.50


Cover Credits:
Art: Brian Bolland (signed)

Story: "The Killing Joke" (22 Pages)


StoryAlan Moore
ArtBrian Bolland
LetteringRichard Starkings
ColorsJohn Higgins
EditingDennis O'Neil

Feature Character(s):

Batman (last in Cosmic Odyssey #4; next in Superman Vol. 2 #23; also in flashback)

Supporting Character(s):

Alfred Pennyworth (last in Cosmic Odyssey #2; next in Batman Vol. 1 #426)
James Gordon (last in Cosmic Odyssey #1; next in Batman Vol. 1 #426)
Barbara Gordon (last in flashback in Brave and the Bold Vol. 3 #33; next in Batman Chronicles #5)
Harvey Bullock (in between Checkmate Vol. 1 #3 and #5)


Joker (last in Justice League International Annual Vol. 1 #2; next in Batman Vol. 1 #426; also in flashback as the Red Hood; see Comment)
Two-Face (last in Arkham Asylum; next in Invasion! #3)
Penguin (last in Manhunter Vol. 1 #1; next in Detective Comics Annual #1)

Other Character(s):

Colleen Reece (behind the scenes; a friend of Barbara's)
a Joker impostor (first appearance)


Gotham City
Ace Chemicals


The Joker's origin is told in flashback. However, whether or not this is his true origin has yet to be revealed. Only that he was known as the Red Hood and fell into a vat of chemicals that transformed him into the Joker is known for a fact.


The Joker tries to break James Gordon's spirit by shooting his daughter, taking nude photos of her and kidnapping the commissioner, forcing him to look at the pictures of Barbara over and over again. His attempts to drive the commissioner mad are unsuccessful. When Batman arrives on the scene, Gordon insists that the Joker must be brought in by the book, though all three men acknowledge that in all probability either Batman or Joker will kill the other in the end.