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Batman 599


Cover Date: March 2002
Cover Price: $2.25


Cover Credits:
Art: Scott McDaniel (signed)
Colors: Patrick Martin

Story: [Bruce Wayne: Murderer? Part Seven]: "From the Inside Out" (22 Pages)


StoryEd Brubaker
PencilsScott McDaniel
InksAndy Owens
LetteringJohn Costanza
ColorsRoberta Tewes
Color separationsWildstorm FX
EditingMichael Wright, Bob Schreck

Feature Character(s):

Bruce Wayne (last in Batman: Gotham Knights #25; next in Detective Comics #767)

Supporting Character(s):

D.A. Willis (last in Batman: Gotham Knights #25)
Sasha Bordeaux (last in Birds of Prey #39; next in Detective Comics #767)
Maggie Sawyer (last in Detective Comics #766)
Alfred Pennyworth (in between Batman: Gotham Knights #25 and #26)


The Aryans (Blackgate inmates)

Other Character(s):

David Weiss (last in Batman: Gotham Knights #25; next in Detective Comics #767)
Joanne Pilkey (first appearance; a television journalist with WGLX)
Professor Tamara Lightenberg (first appearance; a psychiatrist)
Greg McGruder (first appearance; a former F.B.I. operative)
Delilah Wagner (first appearance; acting C.E.O. of Wayne Enterprises)


The District Attorney tries to get Sasha Bordeaux to crack and finger Bruce Wayne for the murder of Vesper Fairchild, but to no avail. Bruce Wayne, meanwhile, is finding it hard to adjust to life detained in Blackgate Penitentiary, coming under pressure from the Aryans in particular. Forced to endure hours of television reportage on the Fairchild case, and having set some sort of plan in motion with Alfred Pennyworth, he finally cracks and beats up several of the Aryans when they come to do the same to him. He is transferred to solitary, much to Sasha's dismay.