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Batman 619


Cover Date: November 2003
Cover Price: $2.25


Cover Credits:
Pencils: Jim Lee (signed)
Inks: Scott Williams (signed)
Colors: Alex Sinclair

Story: "Hush. Chapter Twelve: The End" (22 Pages)


StoryJeph Loeb
PencilsJim Lee
InksScott Williams
LetteringRichard Starkings
ColorsAlex Sinclair
Associate editingMichael Wright
EditingBob Schreck

Feature Character(s):


Supporting Character(s):

Harold Allnut (deceased)
James Gordon
Catwoman (next in ???)


Harvey Dent (next in Gotham Central #33)
Hush (identity revealed; next in Batman: Gotham Knights #50)
Riddler (next in Batman: Gotham Knights #42)

Guest Appearance(s):

Huntress II (next in ???)
Superman (next in ???)

Other Character(s):



Tommy Elliot is revealed as the man behind Batman's recent troubles, working alongside the Riddler. Between them they came up with the idea of "Hush" which Tommy assumed as his identity.

Story Reprinted in:

Batman Giant #12/2 (August 2019)


Batman battles "Hush", the man in a trenchcoat with a bandaged face who has been behind his recent troubles. In time, Hush reveals who he really is - Tommy Elliot, Bruce's childhood friend, who harbored a great hatred for Bruce because Thomas Wayne saved the life of Tommy's mother when he wanted her to die. Help arrives in the form of James Gordon and Harvey Dent, the latter healed by Tommy Elliot but breaking his agreement with him. Elliot is defeated and plunges into Gotham harbor, most likely to his death.
Two weeks later, Catwoman and Huntress compare notes, while Batman and Superman do the same, Batman showing Superman what is was that had caused him to think of Tommy Elliot for his surgery - subliminal messages implanted in the computer by Harold - and Superman removing some sort of homing device from the base of Batman's skull. Batman also confronts the Riddler, who was working with Dr. Elliot, and knows the secret of Batman's secret identity. Batman shows him how he can never reveal this to anyone, because a riddle everyone knows the answer to is essentially worthless. And his relationship with Catwoman fizzles out, due to a lack of trust on Batman's part, though Catwoman would be more than happy for things to continue.