Unofficial Batman Vol. 3 Index

Batman Vol. 3 85 (Cover A)


Cover Date: February 2020
Cover Price: $3.99
Publication Date: 2019-12-18


Cover Credits:
Art: Tony S. Daniel (signed)
Colors: Tomeu Morey (signed)

Variant Cover:
Cover B
Art: Francesco Mattina

Story: "City of Bane, Conclusion" (41 Pages)


StoryTom King (pages 1-38), James Tynion IV (Epilogue; pages 39-41)
ArtMikel Janín (pages 1-9, 13-38), Hugo Petrus (pages 10-12), Guillem March (Epilogue; pages 39-41)
LetteringClayton Cowles
ColorsJordie Bellaire (pages 1-38), Tomeu Morey (Epilogue; pages 39-41)
Associate editingDave Wielgosz (pages 1-41), Ben Meares
EditingJamie S. Rich (pages 1-38), Ben Abernathy

Feature Character(s):

Batman (also in flashback in between issue #84 and main story)

Supporting Character(s):

Catwoman (also in flashback in between issue #84 and main story)
Gotham Girl (in flashback in between issue #80 and ???)


Batman (Thomas Wayne; also in flashback in between issue #84 and main story; also in flashback in between flashbacks in issue #84; next in flashback in Infinite Frontier #2)
Psycho-Pirate (in flashback following issue #84)
Ventriloquist (in flashback following issue #84)
Joker (last in ???)
Captain Stingaree (in flashback following issue #6)
Condiment King (in flashback following issue #54)
Crazy-Quilt (in flashback following ???)
Phantom Pharaoh (in flashback following issue #55)

Guest Appearance(s):

Charles Brown (last in issue #80)
Martha Wayne (Flashpoint; in flashback preceding flashback in issue #84)


Gotham City
Wayne Manor


Story continues from the previous issue.


The stunning conclusion to “City of Bane” is here! How will Flashpoint Batman be vanquished from our dimension? What will become of Gotham Girl now that she’s betrayed all she knows? How will the Bat team cope without Alfred? Will Catwoman stick around? Who will rebuild Gotham City? Is Batman ever going to be Batman again? The event of the summer now closes out the year, setting the stage for a whole new path for the Dark Knight Detective. You don’t dare miss the extra-sized concluding chapter to Tom King’s epic run on Batman-and it all leads to the new Batman and Catwoman series!