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Created by Elliot S. Maggin and Curt Swan; Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatties and Adam Hughes

The Original Universe


Real Name: Peter Silverstone
Occupation: Scientist
Status: Deceased
Citizenship: American
Base of Operation: Metropolis, DE
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 168 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
First Appearance: (original): Action Comics #458 (April 1976): "Make Me a Super-Hero!"
(canonical): Justice League America #43 (October 1990): "If You Play Your Card Right..."
Creators: Elliot S. Maggin and Curt Swan; Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatties and Adam Hughes


Doctor Peter Silverstone was a brilliant scientist and held the post of Director of Research and Technology at United Broadcasting. Fed up with being scooped on Superman stories by rival Galaxy Broadcasting, the head of United, Samuel Tanner, asked Silverstone to design a corporate hero. Silverstone complied by creating a costume that would give the wearer great powers, and called the resulting hero Blackrock. He then hypnotised Samuel Tanner into donning the suit and battling Superman to a draw. Unsurprisingly, this led to a ratings boost for United Broadcasting.

Every so often, when ratings decreased, Silverstone would bring out the Blackrock persona, hypnotising others to do his bidding, and eventually donning the suit himself. He soon became a fairly typical second-string super-villain, once losing his power stone to Wally Tortolini in a game of poker, though he later retrieved it. This power stone was Blackrock's greatest weapon, able to amass radio and television waves, converting them into raw power to be manipulated at Blackrock's whim.

Recently, Silverstone was killed by Sam Benjamin who stole the power stone which powered the Blackrock suit.


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