Created by Gary Friedrich and Steve Ditko

Blue Beetle (Ted Kord).png
Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)
The Original Universe


Real Name: Theodore 'Ted' Kord
Occupation: Research Scientist; formerly Chairman of the Board of KORD, Inc.
Status: Deceased
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Thomas Kord (father); Jarvis Kord (uncle; deceased)
Base of Operation: Chicago, Illinois
Group Affiliation(s): Formerly Justice League International; Extreme Justice
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 184 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Auburn
First Appearance: Captain Atom Vol. 1 #83 (November 1966) [Charlton]
(in the DC Universe): Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 (April 1985)
Creators: Gary Friedrich and Steve Ditko


An archaeology student Ted Kord discovered that his tutor and mentor Blue Beetle was the obscure hero Blue Beetle and helped him defeat a great menace. Garrett was fatally injured in battle, and Ted swore to carry on the tradition. Although he had no super-powers, he used his intellect and resources to great various gadgets to aid him in his fight against crime. He became a member of Justice League International where he was known as much for his humour and his friendship with Booster Gold as for his heroism. He later retired, partly due to a losing battle with his waistline, but a friendship with Oracle, Oracle, re-awoke the desire to help others, and despite some serious health problems, he has returned to action alongside several of his old comrades.


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