Created by Gary Cohn, Dan Mishkin and Paris Cullins

The Original Universe


Real Name: Dan Cassidy
Full Name: Daniel Patrick Cassidy
Identity: Public
Occupation: Former Stuntman/Special Effects Artist
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mary Frances Cassidy (sister); Jack of Fire (Jack Cassidy) (alleged brother); Seamus Cassidy (uncle); Margaret Maeve Cassidy (grandmother)
Group Affiliation(s): Sentinels of Magic. Shadowpact (formerly Justice League America)
Gender: Male
Height: 6'8" (7" incl. horns); 6'2" (as Daniel)
Weight: 365 lbs. (as Blue Devil); 185 lbs. (as Daniel)
Eyes: White (formerly Red)
Hair: None (formerly Black)
First Appearance: Fury of Firestorm #24/2 (June 1984)
(Transformed into a demon): Day of Judgment #4 (November 1999)
Creators: Gary Cohn, Dan Mishkin and Paris Cullins


Originally a movie stuntman in a high tech costume of his own design, Dan Cassidy was transformed by the demon Nebiros as the technology became his own flesh. Dubbed a "weirdness magnet" by his friend Norm Paxton, Cassidy had a number of failed attempts to return to human form.

As the Blue Devil, Cassidy battled villains such as Shockwave and Bolt and became quickly admired by heroes such as Superman and Zatanna. Blue Devil reluctantly accepted his role as a Hell-powered superhero, eventually becoming a member of Justice League America.
Cassidy later became part demon after a clash with Neron. While a member of a short-lived incarnation of Justice League Europe, he was killed with holy water as the team was ambushed by the Mist.
During the Day of Judgment, the magician Faust resurrected him and helped him finally evolve into a true demon. Not showing any allegiance to Hell, he currently wields the Trident of Lucifer and uses it to find demons on Earth and banish them back to the Underworld.


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