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Created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons and Steve Englehart and Joe Staton and Keith Giffen. Gerard Jones and M.D. Bright

The Original Universe


Name: Book of Oa
DCU Creator(s): Guardians of the Universe
Homebase: Hall of Great Service, Oa, Space Sector 0
First Appearance: As The Book of Worthy Names: Green Lantern Vol. 2 #188 (May 1985): "Mogo Doesn't Socialize"
As The Book: Green Lantern Corps Annual #3 (1987) Untitled Framing Sequence
Named the Book of Oa: Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn #4 (March 1989): "The Corps"
Creators: Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons; Steve Englehart and Joe Staton; Keith Giffen. Gerard Jones and M.D. Bright


Among the wondrous creations of the Guardians of the Universe is the Great Book of Oa. Legend has it that ancient Maltusians were the first to write on the Book's parchment some fifteen billion years ago. Some say the Maltusians used time travel techniques created in six billion years later to reflect on the events recorded in the Book of Oa. It was never clear whether the pages were written as events occurred or if the Great Book of Oa itself was one step ahead of the Guardians.

Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #8

Within the pages of the Great Book of Oa lies all the knowledge of the Guardians and everything every Green Lantern has ever done or will do. A power ring is needed to translate the Book's text into words familiar to the ring wielder. -Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn #4, Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #1

The oldest known story is that of the Triarch, a trio of Maltusian gods. Though there may be some stories predating the Triarch's tale within the Book's pages, this was the oldest story shown to a Green Lantern. -DC Universe: Trinity #1

The Book of Oa tells the stories of Krona, the banishment of magic from the universe and the Maltusians' journey to Oa. The creation of the Central Power Battery, the rebellion of the Manhunters, the first Green Lantern Rori Dag and the formation of the Green Lantern Corps are also listed among the pages. Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #8

Visiting Green Lanterns would go to the Book for inspiration or insight. Hal Jordan first saw the Book of Oa shortly after his induction into the Corps. Alongside fellow Green Lanterns Salakk and Tomar-Re, Jordan learned of the 1087th Achievement of the Guardians: the containment of the Tchk-Tchkii race which later led to the creation of Legion. -Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn #4

Other books in the Oan Citadel mentioned the Green Lanterns, such as the Book of Worthy Names. Still new to the Corps, Arisia of Graxos IV first heard of Mogo the planet form Green Lantern from Tomar-Re. - Green Lantern Vol. 2 # 188

A member of the Puffball Collective visited Oa to read about other Green Lanterns. Stories ranged from the death of Shingo Wol to Katma Tui’s recruitment of Rot Lop Fan, the Green Lantern of Veltre the death of Athier and her successor the Green Lantern of Zymia. One story dealt with the Puffball Collective's induction into the Green Lantern Corps after it absorbed the form and mind of a three hundred year old Green Lantern known only as AR-N-O-Q's Successor while another story was about a Green Lantern killed on a desert planet and the wanderer that found the power ring but thought it useless. Green Lantern Corps Annual #3

Some years after his induction in the Corps, Jordan became instrumental in rebuilding the Corps. He would bring new recruits to the Book of Oa, so they might learn from the stories within its pages. The new Green Lanterns would each bring their own perspective to the stories within. Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #1

Shortly after returning to sentience, K'ryssma took the "Mosaic Kids" to the Book to learn of what transpired during her metamorphosis. The Book of Oa showed them tales of rebirth to inspire them. Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #5

Many stories have been read from the Book of Oa, including the tale of the death of Pathavim Seth-Ottarak and the induction of Jack T. Chance into the Green Lantern Corps. Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #1

Green Lanterns would relate stories they read in the Book of Oa to others, ring wielders or otherwise. Renegade Green Lantern Sinestro of Korugar used the Book of Oa to discover some of the Guardians' secrets. At one time imprisoned in an Oan sciencell, Sinestro told one thousand and one tales to the MadGod Sector 3600 in his efforts to show the defeated god the Guardians and the Corps were fallible. This convinced the sentient sector it could release itself from its confinement. Green Lantern Corps Annual # 2

The stories were not limited to wielders of Oan power rings. The Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott was of particular interest to members of the Green Lantern Corps. The Book of Oa traced his adventures from the fall of Yalan Gur through his days in the Justice Society during World War II. His battles with Hector Hammond and the new Harlequin are counted among the unlimited pages of the Book. Green Lantern Corps Quarterly # 1-8

Events that were foretold in the Book of Oa often played out. Jordan read stories about the sorcerer Torquemada, Charlie Vicker, Arisia and Alan Scott. These stories were told again and again, from Green Lantern to Green Lantern. Green Lantern Corps Quarterly # 4

Some stories featured the history of Space Sector 2814, including Hal Jordan's predecessors Abin Sur, Laham, Waverly Sayre or the latest exploits of G'Nort. Other stories in the Book of Oa dealt with Shilandra Thane, Fluvian Green Lanterns Dob Zagil and Lin Canar, Adam, Donna Parker, Sheriff Mardin, Kentor Omoto and Laira, Barin, Ayria and Selaya, the vampire hunter Ash, and adversaries Kkrudd and Probert. Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #1-8

The Corps was destroyed by Hal Jordan following the destruction of Coast City. The Great Book of Oa was believed lost during the final battle between Sinestro and Hal Jordan as emerald fire burned the pages. On the final page was a picture of the next Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner. Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #8

This was not the end of the Book of Oa, as the Green Lantern Corps and Oa were later restored, so was the Book.


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