Created by Mark Waid and Ty Templeton

Breeon; Art by Ty Templeton
The Original Universe


Occupation: Green Lantern
Homeworld: Unknown
Space Sector: 24
Group Affiliation(s): Green Lantern Corps
Sector Partner: Unknown
Gender: Male
Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Black
First Appearance: Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #2/3 (Autumn 1992): "Two Minute Warning"
Creators: Mark Waid and Ty Templeton


Discovered by Brik and Percival, Breeon was among a group of candidates for the Green Lantern Corps. Alongside Pathavim Seth-Ottarak, Torquemada, and others, Breeon was brought to Oa to be evaluated by the Guardians of the Universe.

- Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #4

As a rookie Green Lantern, Breeon was assigned to a planet populated by a species of sentient trees, the H'Gusten. The H'Gusten were an endangered species threatened by an alien race. The Graaryen were indifferent to the H'Gusten's rights and periodically sent a combine to harvest the H'Gusten's fruit.

Breeon's job was difficult, because the harvester was painted yellow, which his ring had no power against. He was further dismayed when, after awaking from an hour of unconsciousness inflicted by the combine, he was alerted by his ring that he had only two minutes of power left. He was unable to recharge it, his battery was buried beneath the yellow sand. Panicking, he demanded, pleaded, and tried to make deals with his ring for more power. All his requests were met with negative responses.

After throwing in rocks and the like, he realized his power ring itself was indestructible, and threw it into the combine. The great machine was unable to break the ring, and, due to its internal complexity, it overloaded until explosion.

Thrilled by his success against overwhelming adversity, Breeon thanked his ring, but there was no response from it. It was buried under the yellow sands. - Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #2/3

Breeon eventually got his ring back, and went under training with Kilowog. Together with Reemuz and Umitu they tried to protect Oa from the mistakenly perceived attack of Valor. Once again faced with a yellow machine, the Green Lantern had to stand aside as Valor landed the ship. He had not been attacking Oa, rather, Valor was bringing the injured Green Lantern Alia to Oa for medical treatment. - Valor #11

After the destruction of the Green Lantern Corps, Breeon was captured by an interstellar slave ring. He and scores of other powerless Green Lanterns were rescued by Guy Gardner and the Darkstars. - Guy Gardner: Warrior #35

Once the Green Lantern Corps was restored, Breeon was one of many veterans to rejoin. He fought in the Sinestro Corps War and was on hand for the aftermath, including the creation of the Alpha-Lanterns. - Green Lantern Vol. 4 #21, #25, 28, Green Lantern Corps Vol. 2 #21

Currently, Breeon and his fellow ring wielders face another threat. They are controlled by Krona and Parallax. Green Lantern Corps Vol. 2 #58 - #59


As a Green Lantern, Breeon possesses a power ring and power battery.


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Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps Secret Files #1 (February 2008)


Chronologically speaking, (in the DC Universe, of course) Breeon's first appearance was Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #4, when he was brought to Oa by Brik and Percival.

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