Created by Gerard Jones, Joe Staton and Pat Broderick

The Original Universe


Occupation: Green Lantern
Homeworld: Dryad
Space Sector: 904
Marital Status: Presumed single
Group Affiliation(s): Green Lantern Corps
Sector Partner: Aa
Gender: Female
Eyes: Unknown
Hair: None
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol. 3 #12 (May 1991): "The Master Plan"
current look: Green Lantern Vol. 3 #13 (June 1991): "Chapter Two: The Core"
Creators: Gerard Jones, Joe Staton and Pat Broderick


After meeting the L.E.G.I.O.N., Green Lantern Hal Jordan had been impressed by one of their core team, Strata of Dryad, and wished to recruit someone from her world for the Corps. Brik was a female of one of the two stone-races of Dryad, the more numerous race, which more resembled humans.

Jordan did not count on the attention he would receive from the new Green Lantern. Brik felt love for Jordan for ending her isolation by bringing her out into the universe.

Brik recruited two candidates for the Green Lantern Corps, Aa of the Pumice People, and Kworri of the Obsidian Folk, two races from the planet Stoneworld. These candidates received a trial by fire in a battle against Star Sapphire and a Teban Battle Fleet. Aa became a Green Lantern, while Kworri was sent home.

The recruits were introduced to the Book of Oa by Hal Jordan and trained by Kilowog. They would hear tales of the Green Lantern Corps to inspire them to push on.

The Corps travelled to Earth in an unsuccessful attempt to free Hal Jordan from the evil influence of Eclipso. The Corps returned to Oa, but Kilowog would later return to Earth to help defeat Eclipso.

Lacking Jordan and Kilowog, the fledgling Green Lantern Corps was almost destroyed by Qwardian invaders. The Guardians themselves were at risk of defeat by the Weaponers' armies. Guy Gardner had inadvertantly brought the Qwardians to Oa in his quest for the yellow power ring of Sinestro. Despite this, the actions of Guy Gardner can be said to have saved the day. With the yellow ring, Gardner was able to turn the tables on the invaders.

Brik fought alongside the Corps against Entropy on Oa. Though she was an able fighter, she still relied on the decisions of Hal Jordan. Brik and Percival were soon ready to gather recruits of their own. They brought back such candiates as Breeon, Pathavim Seth-Ottarak, Reemuz and Torquemada.

As Brik's experiences grew, so did her confidence. It was during the war with The Triarch that Brik met Strata of Dryad. The two discovered they were "sisters" of a sort. Neither race had known of the other's existence. Brik learned she wasn't as alone as she thought she had thought she was.

Brik's power ring disintegrated after Hal Jordan overthrew the Guardians and took the power of the Central Battery for himself. She was taken by unknown individuals for the intergalactic slave trade.

Word of a slave ring specializing in former Green Lanterns reached ex-Lantern Guy Gardner, now known as Warrior. He destroyed the installation and freed a number of Green Lanterns including Adam, Dalor, and Lysandra.

Hearing of Hal Jordan's transformation into Parallax, and his alleged death, greatly upset Brik, driving her into a murderous rage against her captors. Brik, along with the other freed ex-Green Lanterns, was later evacuated to a Darkstar cruiser.

Jordan had survived his battle on Oa with Kyle Rayner, but later met his end saving the Earth from the Sun-Eater. Brik joined other former Green Lanterns Ash, Torquemada, and Salakk at a memorial service for Hal Jordan on the former site of Coast City.


As a Green Lantern, Brik possesses a power ring and power battery.


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Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps Secret Files #1 (February 2008)


I gave dual credits because of the change in Brik's appearance from #12 and #13.