BUMBLEBEE (Karen Beecher-Duncan)BIOGRAPHY
Created by Bob Rozakis and Irv Novick

The Original Universe


Real Name: Karen Beecher-Duncan
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Relatives: Mal Duncan
Group Affiliation(s): Formerly Teen Titans; formerly Titans West; Doom Patrol
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7" (now 5")
Weight: 130 lbs. (now 3 oz.)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
First Appearance: (as Karen Beecher): Teen Titans Vol. 1 #45 (December 1976): "You Can't Say No to the Angel of Death (or Can You?)"
(as Bumblebee): Teen Titans Vol. 1 #48 (June 1977): " Daddy's Little Crimefighter"
Creators: Bob Rozakis and Irv Novick


Bumblebee is a superheroine with the abilities to shrink to insect size, fly and fire energy blasts. She was briefly a member of the Teen Titans before she retired to work as a scientist for S.T.A.R. Labs. She and her husband Mal Duncan have come out of retirement sporadically during the last few years, recently to join the Doom Patrol. Karen and Mal are now divorced.


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Secret Origins Annual Vol. 2 #3 (1989)