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Butcher 5


Cover Date: September 1990
Cover Price: $1.50


Cover Credits:
Art: Shea Anton Pensa (signed)

Story: [No Title] (24 Pages)


StoryMike Baron
ArtShea Anton Pensa
LetteringSteve Haynie
ColorsJulia Lacquement
Associate editingKatie Main
EditingMike Gold

Feature Character(s):

Butcher (next in Ms. Tree Quarterly #2/2)

Guest Star(s):

Green Arrow (next in Green Arrow Vol. 2 #34)

Supporting Character(s):

Tsunami II
Luke McLeach (deceased)


Randall B. Corvus (dies)
Kam (dies)
other Namdorph Corporation employees (some die)

Other Character(s):

Two researchers of a geographic society (first appearance of both)


It's the final face-off between Butcher and Corvus and the odds don't look good for our heroes. But when Tsunami surprisingly attacks the villains, Corvus flees, followed by Butcher. Kam tangles with Tsunami until Green Arrow appears. Together, Arrow and Tsunami defeat and kill Kam. Butcher catches up with Corvus who has entered a plane, intent of using Namdorph's particle beam weapon on a competitive firm. Butcher reaches the plane just as it takes off, and starts fighting Corvus in the air, knowing that many innocent lives can be lost if the plane crashes in a populated area. In a last effort, Butcher manages to snap Corvus' neck and let the plane go down into the sea.
The victory is bittersweet. Justice is done and Butcher has avenged his parents. But Luke is dead and John is the one who has to tell the bad news to his wife and daughter. For the time being, however, Butcher and Green Arrow take a well-deserved break with Ollie teaching John some archery.