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Captain Atom (Nathaniel Adam)
The Original Universe


Real Name: Nathaniel Adam
Full Name: Nathaniel Christopher Adam
Aliases: Cameron Scott
Occupation: United States Air Force Major
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Angela (wife, deceased); Margaret Eiling (daughter); Randall Eiling (son); mother (name unknown; deceased); Peggy Ann Adam (sister; deceased)
Base of Operation: San Francisco; formerly Paris
Group Affiliation(s): Extreme Justice (former leader), Justice League International (former leader of the European branch), Last Action Warriors (member), U.S. Air Force (former member), Captain Atom Project (former member), Justice League of Air (former member), JLA (reserve status)
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White
First Appearance: (original): Space Adventures #33 (March 1960) [Charlton]
(current): Captain Atom Vol. 3 #1 (March 1987)


Nathaniel Adam was convicted of a crime he didn't commit...and to avoid life imprisonment in a United States Army prison, he volunteered to work for Wade Eiling and Heinrich Megala's Captain Atom Project. This let to Nate being bonded to a living alien metal from the Silver Shield (with a little help from an atomic explosion), and being catapulted from May 1968 to the modern day. Found by Eiling and Megala, they crafted the superhero identity for the captain, as well as his new alter ego of Cameron Scott, attempting to gain information for the United States on the various meta-humans proliferating the landscape. Captain Atom became a member of the Justice League International, formed an attachment to Nightshade, led the forces of Earth in the Invasion!, became leader of Justice League Europe, and eventually found the man who had framed him for the original crime, and revealed the truth behind the "big lie" to the world, before being lost in time thanks to the efforts of Monarch. Captain Atom did eventually return to our time, where he led the Extreme Justice branch of the Justice League, until the time of Earth's Final Night, but Nate is still a semi-active superhero, having recently worked with the L.A.W., free of the guilt of his crime and his original duplicity in joining the Justice League.


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