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The Unofficial Who's Who in the DC Universe is an ongoing project to provide profiles on every single DC character, team, alien race etc. that has appeared in the pages of a DC comic set in the DC Universe.

Who's Who in the Prime Universe/Multiverse covers the post-Flashpoint period from 2011 to the present. As a result of the event known as Flashpoint, the history of the DC Universe was changed. Some characters came out of the event with their histories relatively intact whereas others had their lives radically altered.

This part of the Who's Who will only deal with the post-Flashpoint universe and only include references to pre-Flashpoint events if they have been specifically mentioned in the new books. Likewise personal data of the characters including known relatives, height and weight etc. will only be included as they have been shown or mentioned post-Flashpoint.

The Who's Who entries are listed in alphabetical order after character name followed by their real name, and a (Prime Earth) designation. In the case of regular names characters are listed first name first, surname second. Prime Earth does not necessarily mean that the character comes from Earth but simply that the character comes from the Prime Earth Universe.

Characters originating from one of the other universes in the Prime Multiverse, will have a listing indicating which universe they originate from, but still using an Earth designation (e.g. "Earth-2 - New 52 Multiverse")

Gods and characters that do not have a known secret identity but belong to a group might have the group name noted in brackets after the character name to distinguish the character from other similar named characters.

For Who's Who profiles on the characters of the pre-Flashpoint DC Universe go to Who's Who in the Original DC Universe.

For a full listing go to here

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Who's Who in the Prime Universe/Multiverse
Covers characters published from 2011 -present.
Who's Who in the Prime Multiverse

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