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Not quite sure how we are going to get the previous/next events listings to work properly. I mean what do we do when multiple events take place at the same time. When is a crossover big enough to be listed among the events and so on. Also anything else that should go into the template? --Tenzel Kim 21:50, 3 January 2013 (UTC)

Previous/next we can just add manually, same thing with concurrent events. Good question as to what is big enough, as sometimes it's crossovers, but sometimes it can be specific milestones in DCU history. I was hoping we could ultimately revisit the older site's History of the DCU, treating the events as special features in the timeline.--DRMOUSE2814 00:58, 4 January 2013 (UTC)

n/a Massacre of Sector 666
n/a Clone War of Krypton 
1980 Power War
1985-1986 Crisis on Infinite Earths
1986 Legends
1988 Millennium
1988 Nov Cosmic Odyssey
1988 Holiday Invasion!
1989 Early May Janus Directive
1991 May Armageddon: 2001
1991 War of the Gods
1992 Armageddon: Inferno‎
1992 July Eclipso: The Darkness Within
1993 Bloodlines
1994 Zero Hour
1995 Underworld Unleashed
1996 Final Night
1997 Genesis
1997 Rock of Ages
1998 Ghosts
1998 DC One Million
1999 Feb Kingdom
1999 JLApe
1999 Day of Judgment
1999 Dec Mageddon War
2000 Planet DC
2001 Aug Our Worlds at War (Imperiex War)
2001 Dec Joker: Last Laugh
2004-2005 Identity Crisis
2005 Rann-Thanagar War
2005 Day of Vengeance
2005 Dec Infinite Crisis
2007 Jun Amazons Attack
2007 World War III
2007 Aug Sinestro Corps War
2008: Final Crisis
2009 Blackest Night
2010 Brightest Day War of the Supermen
2011 War of the Green Lanterns
2011 Flashpoint
Great Darkness Saga
American Gothic
Mageddon War (World War III - JLA)
Newcastle Incident
No Man's Land
Obsidian Age
Rock of Ages
Rutland Halloween Parade
War of Light
Worlds Collide